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Exclusive! Zeeshan Khan: Once I get my side of the story out, I’m not going to pay heed to Azma Fallah and Lock Upp matter

Zeeshan Khan was evicted from Lock Upp for standing up for his girlfriend and mother in front of Azma Fallah.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 12.24 PM, Apr 22, 2022

Exclusive! Zeeshan Khan: Once I get my side of the story out, I’m not going to pay heed to Azma Fallah and Lock Upp matter
Lock Upp - Zeeshan Khan.

Very recently, Zeeshan Khan was evicted from Kangana Ranaut’s Lock Upp for how he behaved with co-contestant Azma Fallah on the show. Jailor Karan Kundrra had evicted him from the show after Zeeshan apologized to Azma, she irked him again and he reacted again. Originally a happy-go-lucky person, Zeeshan wants to put the matter behind him once and for all after he says his story.

The actor has done crazy videos in real life, was recognized as the bathrobe guy, went to Bigg Boss, his personal life became private and then, he was recently seen in Lock Upp. Many believed that it was an opportunity to redeem himself and Zeeshan couldn’t agree more.

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He told OTTplay, “Of course, in fact for me it was a proving point that the Bigg Boss trophy was also mine and this trophy is also mine. I was playing the game very well but then, on the way, the amount of things that I had to endure of the span of three weeks, it was just too much. I didn’t know people would stoop to these levels, just to stay on the show. I have also realized one thing that people who do not have any game, who aren’t capable of winning the show on their own, who do not believe in themselves, they’ll always try to step on others and put them down just to be a part of this. I realized that also, in this game.”

While Zeeshan is originally a happy-go-lucky guy as seen during his initial days of Lock Upp, his temper has unfortunately gotten the better of him on both the reality shows. When we asked the actor if he understands how to handle the situations better now, Zeeshan said, “Of course. I am this person. Like you said, I am this happy-go-lucky person. You saw that in Lock Upp also when I entered. I became Ekta ma’am’s favourite and in the first week itself, I proved to be one of the strongest kaidis in the house.”

“Like I said, I know my game, I know what I’m capable of, I believe in myself and I’ve done that. I don’t have to rely on cheapness to win shows or stay in them. I know I can do it all by myself. Having said that, the things that happen on the show (can affect you). I am a happy-go-lucky person. I have always been happy and nice,” he added.

Zeeshan said that despite fasting and seeing all the drama unfold around him, he remained warm, affectionate and to an extent, unaffected. The actor mentioned, “In the holy month of Ramzan, I would still ace tasks while I was fasting, with a busted ankle. In that whole tug-of-war task, I single-handedly destroyed the opposite team so I know what I’m capable of. Even during my fast, there were people who were throwing fits in the house that they wouldn’t cook food. After doing my household chores, I went and made food also for people, while I was fasting. I had never made dal in my entire life. This was my first time. I had seen my mom do it, so I remembered how she made it and did the same thing. It might not have been the best dal in the world but it was tasty and edible. People loved it inside. I’ve always been that person. When we would sit for Iftaar, we would call everyone to join us for food. That is me – a person who always believed in doing good and making everyone happy by cracking jokes – just being happy and laughing in general but then, at some point, the amount of things that I endured over the course of three weeks, the first day itself that I entered, within an hour, Shivam started blabbering and his motormouth has gone on a run. He’s going on my parents and I reacted.”

Zeeshan recalled that after physical abuse, he started facing mental abuse for three weeks straight. He said, “The next day, they got physical with me. Not a problem, happens in a game. I did push as well. All of that happens. Then, the mental abuse began. After Payal called me terrorist in the first week, Azma targetted my girlfriend and family for two weeks. How long can a person take it? Five times? I took for two weeks right from waking up to sleeping.”

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We informed him about how his fans and actually everyone watching the show demanded Payal Rohatgi’s eviction after her statement and so, if he held back and trusted his fans, Zeeshan might have been on Lock Upp still, probably stronger than ever. While agreeing that he made a mistake, the actor also pointed out that he couldn’t stand to hear cheap things about the women he loves the most in this world.

“You are absolutely right. That’s what I’m saying. I’m also human. I’m not God’s messiah or a robot that I’ll be perfect all the time. I trusted my fans the first time – during the terrorist comment. Back then, Munawar and I kept quite and didn’t remove the topic again because we knew and had faith in our fans,” he shared.

Zeeshan then stated that since his mother and girlfriend were not in Lock Upp to defend themselves and as someone who loves them, he was deeply hurt. “Here, it wasn’t about the fans. It was about the two women who are so important to me. They are saying such cheap things about them. They are not there to defend themselves. You can tell me what you want to. You have said things to me and I have taken it. They are not there to defend themselves so don’t tell them stuff. If you have the guts, go ahead and tell them when you see them outside. Then, I wouldn’t have to stand up for them. They would stand up for themselves and you wouldn’t have opened your mouth only. People, rather trolls like you, only do this in a safe space. If you were really that daring, please come and say it face-to-face with Rehynaa (Pandit). Come and tell my parents face-to-face. Then see. Then I wouldn’t have to take a stand for them but they are not there and obviously, it hurts my heart. Any normal person cannot take things on their parents and their loved ones. I took it for two weeks,” Zeeshan reminded.

Throughout, Zeeshan was seen sunken and on the verge of depression. That is when we told him that we like seeing his happy side better and the actor said, “Imagine! From 12 in the afternoon to 11.30 at night, I’ve been saying the same story. At some point, I was reliving everything she said, every day. I’m reliving what she’s saying, out here also every day. So, you understand? I am like that. I feel once I get my side of the story out, I’m not going to pay heed to this. I’m going to move on with my work and obviously be the kind of person I am because I cannot be this depressed person. Thank you so much for saying that. It really means a lot. I really feel lighter.”

We asked Zeeshan if he has anything in the pipeline, if he has plans to return to TV or do something else and he answers, “Before I locked in Lock Upp, I was in talks and many things were going to finalize but I had to put them on hold. I didn’t get the time to talk to them again because yesterday also, I was giving interviews from 12 in the afternoon to 11.30 in the night. So, I haven’t got the time to text or talk to anyone. I just text my friends thanking them for their support and even keep them on hold. I can’t give you a confirmation on new or old things yet because even I don’t have it at this point. As soon as I do that, I will but yes, things are good. Work is good. I am headed out for an event. Things are looking up and I’m very happy.”