OTTplay Exclusive! Divya Agarwal: Won't make the mistake of texting Pratik Sehajpal again
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OTTplay Exclusive! Divya Agarwal: Won't make the mistake of texting Pratik Sehajpal again

Bigg Boss OTT winner Divya Agarwal talks about her journey in the show, equation with Pratik and Karan Johar, and Season 2 of Cartel.

Sunidhi Prajapat
Sep 27, 2021
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Divya Agarwal/Instagram

Actor Divya Agarwal has proven her title as the reality show queen after winning Bigg Boss’ first digital season. A familiar name in the TV industry, she has participated in multiple reality shows before Bigg Boss OTT including MTV Splitsvilla 10 and Ace of Space 1. Divya debuted in acting with a lead role in Ragini MMS: Returns 2. She was also recently seen in the 2021 action-drama series Cartel on MX Player.

OTTplay recently caught up with the actress to know about her journey in the Bigg Boss OTT house which ultimately led her to win the digital show. Divya also talked about her equation with Karan Johar, her upcoming projects, a possibility for Cartel Season 2 and more. Excerpts:

You have come so far in your journey and now you even won Bigg Boss OTT. How are you feeling currently?

I am actually on the ninth cloud. My family is very happy with my journey. They feel really proud. That's my trophy. I have seen how my fans have pushed themselves to another level to make this happen. I can't be grateful enough. In return, I hope I not only entertain them but also inspire them with my work. Bigg Boss is a life lesson. There are so many things to learn.

How has winning Bigg Boss proven different than winning Ace of Space?

Ace of Space became a personalised show for me because I found my life partner on the show. With Bigg Boss OTT, I explored my personality to another level. My father and mother always taught me to deal with issues myself. I have so many friends who love me so much that I never actually had to prove myself under any circumstances.

Your equation with Karan Johar evolved while you were still in the house. What is it like now?

I don't exactly know. I have been caught up with media interviews ever since I emerged as a winner. Media is the only way I'm trying to connect with everybody. Honestly, I'm very sure that if Karan meets me now, he'll look at me and laugh. Whatever happened was good because, in the process, we both tried to understand each other better. I was very happy to have proven my point towards the end gracefully. He also accepted it after our brutal fight on the first Weekend Ka Vaar. It takes guts to really accept somebody's opinion, even though he's Karan Johar. I really appreciate that about him.

Were you able to connect with Pratik after the show? What has that been like?

Not yet. I don't want to make that mistake again. If I message him again, he'll take it up with me on another show. So I'm avoiding that. If he's open to it, I can always be welcoming and put effort into the show. It was strictly my nature and behaviour. It wasn't a game plan. No connection in the house helped me. In spite of that, if I took effort, it means that I genuinely meant it. Now, it's their time to show those efforts.

What would you say about his decision of stepping down and out of the race? It came as a shock to many. Did you have the same reaction?

It was a shock but he knows what he's doing. He's quite confident about his behaviour and journey. I wouldn't do that ever because then the journey and everything I did on the show would go for a toss. Both these shows are different. This is OTT and that is Bigg Boss 15. So if I were in his place, I would've just waited to see what is going to happen. I wouldn't leave any work. I wasn't scared of the end result. I wasn't expecting to win the show. I was ready to accept the failure as well. That is quite important. You need to know the reality. You can't run from it. That is my take on it.

Seeing that your chances of winning Bigg Boss again are slim, would you still want to go in Bigg Boss 15?

If I want something, I want it. I don't believe in taking just a part in something. If I go into Bigg Boss 15, I'll give my best. I know and believe in myself. I know audiences will love me there too.

How is Raqesh, now that you both are out of the house and you aren't bound to being cordial with Shamita?

It's the same actually. I never lashed out at Raqesh for doing what he did on the show. I was being a good friend. When I know that a friend likes a girl, then I will be there to help that friend. It was as simple as that for me. Even though I was being linked up with him or whatever, I know I was not doing anything wrong. People watching the show 24x7 also saw that there was nothing wrong with our friendship, so it was a great affirmation for me as well.

What was Varun's first reaction when he saw you with the trophy?

He was super proud. He always believed in me and gave me the confidence to do what I like. For him, winning is really important and my victory is his too.

Has your equation with people changed after coming outside the house? Who tried to make amends with you?

Unfortunately in the house, whoever became my friend, they were evicted. I just felt like I was destined to play this game alone. Luckily, I got some time to reconnect with them. Our equation is very similar. They are very proud of me and vice-versa. Now it's very neutral. Whatever happened on the show, stayed on the show.

We also came across a video of you with Rannvijay Singha. Was it an impromptu meeting?

I have a personal connection with Rannvijay. He treats me like his younger sister. He's given me all guidelines, life-related to everything possible. I strongly believe that he never does it for social media. He would be the same even if I wouldn't be in the position I am in right now. Even if I were a school teacher or engineer, he would have still behaved the same way with me.

Rannvijay and his family planned to greet me after I won, just to tell me that I was never alone on the show. It made me really happy. Especially after dad's demise, Rannvijay has been like a father figure to me. I see the same kind of love my father used to give.

Before you entered the show, you managed to stun people with your performance and the crazy look changes in Cartel. Do you have such mind-blowing projects in your kitty that you would like to talk about?

Cartel was just the tip of an iceberg. Hopefully, there will be season 2. When that happens, the character will have a lot of shades and background stories that people are waiting for. People actually want to know more about the character - who she is, where she comes from, why she acts a certain way. All of those questions will be answered in season 2. I was genuinely waiting for Cartel to come out and thus, I didn't take up any acting projects before that. I knew it was a project that people would remember me for and call me a good actor. If Bigg Boss 15 isn't happening, I'm going back to Cartel season 2. I am waiting to get back to my professional life.

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