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Vedika Bhandari: I don’t believe in intentionally breaking a person’s heart

Vedika Bhandari spoke to OTTplay about Indori Ishq, co-star Ritvik, her cameo in Dream Girl and more.

Jun 12, 2021
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Indori Ishq poster.

Television actress Vedika Bhandari made her web debut with Samit Kakkad’s Indori Ishq, which was released on MX Movie Player on June 10. The actress plays the role of a mean girlfriend Tara, who becomes the reason behind her boyfriend Kunal’s spiteful attitude.

Contrary to her character in the web series, Vedika does not believe in intentionally breaking a person’s heart in real life. The actress spoke to OTTplay about Indori Ishq, co-star Ritvik, her cameo in Dream Girl and more.

Excerpts from the interview:

How excited are you for the show?

It is my debut on the web so I’m quite excited. I just can’t wait for people to watch the show.

Do you relate to your character Tara?

I think she is very relatable to today’s generation. She’s very cool, confident and knows what she wants.

Like Tara, have you broken somebody’s heart in real life?

Many people have broken my heart. I don’t believe in intentionally breaking people’s hearts, but I have broken someone’s heart, yes.

What made you choose the project?

I got a brief about Tara’s character and thought she is an interesting girl. She’s twisted, very innocent and cunning. Everybody has grey shades so I thought why not? The intensity of Kunal’s love for Tara is pretty great. So I found the story completely enticing. I also think the other characters apart from Kunal and Tara are also interesting to the extent that they stand out.

You also had a cameo in Ayushmann Khurrana’s Dream Girl. Despite just a brief role, did you get more projects?

I was actually very surprised by the reactions I got. I thought it’s a small part so people won’t recognize me but they did. I got calls and was recognized as the real Pooja.

What was working with Ritvik like?

I can write a book on how much I enjoyed working with Ritvik. He’s a gem of a person and such a sorted guy. I used to get a complex because he was well-prepared, but Ritvik is welcoming and warm to the extent that we have become buddies.

I joined the cast a little late so I was scared if I’ll be accepted or not. Now, we all keep making fun of each other and crack jokes. I’d work on this project 100 more times if I could.

You have been a popular face on TV and have now ventured into the web space. Did you find any difference in both their content?

I love TV personally. It gave me my first break, but I also think that the web gives you a little more freedom in terms of content, characters and storyline. I think we need a balance between the two.

Now that you are exploring the web, what has your experience been so far?

I enjoyed it and am looking forward to a lot of projects on the web. There are shorter schedules and so you do not get to meet the character as much but it’s still enthralling. Once it’s over, you miss the character. I’m waiting for people to see my work on OTT.

Have you been offered anything new?

Things are in process. We’ll get to know soon, hopefully.

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