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A peek into The Neighbor’s Window

Read on to know why you should watch Marshall Curry’s short film, The Neighbor’s Window

Adelle Fernandes
May 26, 2021
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The Neighbor’s Window bagged the award for the best short film in the live-action category at the Oscars and left a lasting impact on the audience. The film is written and directed by Marshall Curry and is based on a true story.

The film is only 20 minutes long and is about Alli, her husband, and their three children. The couple’s life takes an unexpected turn when they glance across the street into the window opposite theirs and become invested in the lives of the young couple who has just moved in. As Allie beautifully puts it, “They are like a crash car you can’t look away from. Okay, a beautiful sexy car crash.”

The middle-aged couple is fascinated, engrossed, and envious of the exotic couple’s brunches, dance parties and late nights and wonders when their lives began to revolve around babies and groceries. Alli is often seen spying on them with her pair of binoculars and she cannot seem to get enough of the new neighbours.

The film takes an unexpected turn when the man in the house across the street passes away, and Alli cannot believe her eyes. The young couple through whom she lives vicariously was no more. She rushes down to meet the inconsolable woman she had been in awe of and the scene that follows highlights that the grass indeed seems green on the other side.

The film is a commentary on the monotonous nature of everyday life. It also makes the audience count their blessings instead of being jealous of what others possess. The film is subtle and does not go overboard with the drama; rather, it teaches us to value life as it can all vanish within seconds, right before our eyes.

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