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Adi is a social satire that will also address gender politics like our previous films: Prasobh Vijayan | Exclusive

Ahaana Krishna and Shine Tom Chacko play a newly-married couple in Prasobh Vijayan’s directorial Adi

Adi is a social satire that will also address gender politics like our previous films: Prasobh Vijayan | Exclusive
Prasobh Vijayan and a still from Adi
  • Sanjith Sidhardhan

Last Updated: 01.07 PM, Apr 11, 2023


The pandemic and resultant backlog of films have resulted in the delay of several movies, but it hurts the most when a film comprising a young cast and crew has had to wait for over two and half years for it to hit theatres. This has been the case of director Prasobh Vijayan’s Adi, which has Shine Tom Chacko, Ahaana Krishna and Dhruvan in the lead.

The film, which is scripted by Ishq writer Ratheesh Ravi, is finally set for release on April 14. In a candid conversation with OTTplay, Prasobh, who had previously helmed Lilli and Anweshanam, talks about the film’s delay, why he was always confident about its content and more.

A still from Adi
A still from Adi

Adi wrapped up its principal photography back in December 2020 and it has taken the movie almost two and a half years to hit theatres. Has the wait been challenging?

I am happy right now. Each film has a purpose; we do it for a production company on a particular budget and the release is decided based on the business side of things. Earlier, there was the option of direct-to-OTT release but now that has changed. That was the reason for the delay. All of us knew that production team and so there weren’t any problems between us.

Two and a half years is a long time because there’s always a chance that a similar film would have been released or the content would become dated. Did you have those fears?

Actually, we didn’t have that fear at all because the content is unique; that’s also the reason Wayfarer Films had come onboard. But there was frustration among us that what if such a movie came out? Fortunately, it didn’t happen.


Adi seems different from your previous two movies – Lilli and Anweshanam – that were thrillers. What can we expect from the movie?

This is a feel-good family comedy; a social satire of sorts. You can’t bracket in a particular genre. During COVID, a lot of us didn't have work. Ratheesh ettan was supposed to start Maharani but it got pushed and so, all of us including Dhruvan and Shine chettan decided to make this movie.

It’s about an issue in the life of a newly-married couple and how they face that. If it’s an arranged marriage, the husband and wife wouldn’t know each other well and their reactions to the same issue would be vastly different. The film explores all of that.

I also think Govind Vasantha’s music in this movie will be appreciated a lot. The film’s songs have helped market the movie and I feel it will stand out.

Be it Ratheesh’s Ishq or your films, they have dealt with gender politics as well. Is it the same with Adi?

Hundred per cent. All of us have an inclination towards feminist politics and this is evident from our movies – be it Ishq, Lilli, Anweshanam or Adi. We address issues and highlight them, though not purposely. So, of course, there’s that inclination.

Shine Tom Chacko and Ahaana Krishna in a still from Adi
Shine Tom Chacko and Ahaana Krishna in a still from Adi

How important is the packaging of a movie right now for the messages to reach the audience?

I think today’s audience get what’s shown on the screen. If the content is positive, they will support it. It doesn’t matter if they support it by coming to the theatres or by watching it on OTT. What matters is that it reaches them.