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Ali Abbas Zafar: Would have stopped Jogi if Diljit Dosanjh hadn't done it

The film is based on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots and is currently streaming on Netflix.

Ali Abbas Zafar: Would have stopped Jogi if Diljit Dosanjh hadn't done it
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Last Updated: 03.22 AM, Sep 19, 2022


The uproar surrounding the Amazon Prime Video series Tandav (2021) hasn't stopped director Ali Abbas Zafar from exploring the world of political plays once more. This time, with Jogi, he analyses the anti-Sikh riots of 1984, which broke out in the wake of the death of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and left the community with lasting wounds. Despite the film's mixed reviews, Diljit Dosanjh stands out as the title character, who seeks to protect his family and neighbours during the Delhi riots.

Dosanjh was the director's only option for bringing the narrative to life. Zafar told Mid Day that they knew they had to present the narrative with an actor who is a beloved member of that community and hails from there. Diljit enjoyed the plot when the filmmaker told him the tale. If the actor hadn't done it, he would have quit making the movie. Only his eyes communicate throughout the movie since he is so subdued. That's the kind of understated hero Zafar was looking for in the character. Zafar recalled that except for Diljit, no one else could have accomplished it.

As gritty as the Netflix thriller is, the lead actor had a lot to live up to. Dosanjh has acknowledged that it was extremely challenging for him to film the scene in which he cuts his hair. According to the director, the actor and he had a number of in-depth conversations before the scene was added.

Diljit and Zafar talked about the scene, and the director asked him whether he thought it would be offensive or if it was inconsistent with who he was. The actor accepted that performing the scene would be quite difficult for him, but he also acknowledged that what they were doing was not incorrect. Many people have to deal with this reality to save their families. Although it was emotionally taxing for both of them, it was an essential component of Jogi.

A message of unity is at the heart of the Dosanjh, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, and Kumud Mishra-starring film, which shows how the protagonist's two childhood friends, who practise different religions, assist him in the midst of the chaos in the city.

Zafar continued, saying that whenever one reads about such occurrences, they realise that the primary emotion is the same: survival. Except for those who are nearby or their pals, no one stands by them during such circumstances. The centre of this country, Jogi, is where they all coexist peacefully and the people are united by this tale.