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Anupama - Namaste America May 4, 2022 written update: Anupama celebrates some good news; Leela sets her plan in motion

Vanraj is thrilled at the news of becoming a father once again.

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 12.56 PM, May 06, 2022

Anupama - Namaste America May 4, 2022 written update: Anupama celebrates some good news; Leela sets her plan in motion

Anupama phones Vanraj and tells him about her pregnancy, and the latter is overjoyed at the news. At home, Leela tries to prob Paritosh to ruin Anupama’s new passport, but Dolly arrives in the nick of time and keeps the document carefully. Leela takes Dolly aside and tells her something.

Vanraj buys a load of sweets to celebrate and decides to keep Anupama from dancing, believing that she should be restricted for the first three months of her pregnancy. Anupama’s doctor calls Vanraj and assures him that those are misconceptions and she is free to do whatever activity she wants during that time.

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Back at home Leela blesses Anupama and showers her with love. Dolly is seen with a worried look on her face after talking with Leela. When Moti Baa questions her, Leela intervenes and lies, saying Dolly was just worried at the thought of leaving her home after her wedding. Just then a group of trans women arrive at the house to bless Anupama and congratulate her, showering her with praise. Hasmukh has a conversation with them highlighting the importance of daughters.

That night, Leela is seen taking good care of Anupama, and asks the latter to rest. When Leela says it's a good thing that Anupama did not get a chance to go to America, the latter becomes sad. Moti Baa brings her coconut water and Anupama opens up to her. She talks about how sad she was to have lost the opportunity to go to America and talks about how she thought about the interview day many times. Anupama says that although her English was bad, she had managed to answer the rest of the questions right. Moti Baa comforts her, and Anupama decides to look on the bright side and be happy.

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When Vanraj arrives at home, Leela tells him that Dolly did not allow Paritosh to ruin the passport. But after a lot of convincing, Dolly had allowed Leela to hide the passport somewhere Anupama will never find it. Vanraj tells his mother that he managed to convince his boss that Anupama’s pregnancy is complicated, and so she will not make it to the US. As Vanraj goes to give Anupama some sweets, Leela warns her son not to meet Ritika again.

As Anupama searches for decorations, she finds her passport and visa hidden amongst Vanraj’s things. Vanraj arrives just then and as he showers her with gifts, he sees the passport in Anupama’s hands. Anupama stares at her husband in shock and disbelief.

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