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Anupamaa 1st July 2023 Written Update: Adhik physically abuses Paakhi, Maaya creates a scene at Kapadia House

Will Anupamaa be able to successfully overcome the roadblocks on her way to America is what remains to be seen in the future episodes

Anupamaa 1st July 2023 Written Update: Adhik physically abuses Paakhi, Maaya creates a scene at Kapadia House
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Last Updated: 02.46 PM, Jul 01, 2023


The day starts off with Anuj eagerly awaiting the home coming of Anupamaa. Seeing Paakhi and Adhik at the entrance of the house, Anuj eagerly asks them about Anupamaa’s whereabouts. To which, Paakhi tells him that she will be coming in a few minutes. This is followed by Vanraj telling Samar to go to the Kapadia House as he fears for Anupamaa being attacked by the ‘psychic’ Maaya. Even Baa agrees to Anuj’s fears.

Back home, Anuj Kapadia gives an extremely important file to Ankush and tells him to take utmost care of it, while he is busy waiting for Anupamaa. Maaya, who overhears the whole conversation between Anuj and Ankush, comes out after the two brothers have left. Maaya then, opens the drawer and starts searching for the reason why Anuj termed that file as super important. Just as when she was searching, she finds something that really shocks her to the core!

Meanwhile, Paakhi thanks Adhik for behaving normally before her mother Anupamaa. To which, Adhik says that he is not in a position to attend Anupamaa’s farewell party as he has some important work in the office. And when Paakhi offers to help him out with his office work, he misunderstands her offer to help and lands up twisting her ankle. Seeing that, Barkhaa shouts at Adhik for physically assaulting Paakhi and also tells him not to complicate things any further as they already are living in a mess because of the mismanagement of Anuj’s accounts.

Even though Barkhaa tells Adhik to apologuse to Paakhi for his behabviour, he refuses to listen and leaves the hosue. And that’s when Anupamaa steps inside the Kapadia Hosue. The very moemnet she comes home, Anuj’s eyes is filled with utmost love and gratitude for her. And to her surprise, chhoti Anu comes running and hugs her by calling her ‘Mummy’. Seeing this Anupmaa becomes extremely emotional.

And when Anuj takes an aarti thaali to welcome Anupamaa, suddenly Maaya comes and throws that aarti thaali from Anuj’s hand, thus shocking everyone. Thereafter ensues an extremely heated verbal altercation between Anuj and Maaya, after latter screams at Anupamaa. Seeing that, Anuj, Anupamaa’s mother and brother tell Maaya to shut up. But, she is in no mood to listen to any of their words.

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