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Anupamaa 20th June 2023 Update: Anupamaa tells Samar and Dimpy to LEAVE the Shah House!

Will Samar and Dimpy leave the Shah House to live separately is what remains to be seen

Anupamaa 20th June 2023 Update: Anupamaa tells Samar and Dimpy to LEAVE the Shah House!
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Last Updated: 01.00 PM, Jun 20, 2023


The day starts off with Anupamaa bringing a reluctant and scared Baa back to the Shah House. The very moment Dimpy sees Anupamaa, she starts complaining to her about Baa and her behaviour. The moment Dimpy tries to open her mouth, Anupamaa shuts her up. After that, Anupamaa becomes a volcano lava unleashed, not sparing anyone in the Shah House’s family members of their mistakes and shortcomings.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, in the Kapadia House, a ‘mentally ill’ Maaya decides to apologise to Anuj for her sudden and uncalled for misbehaviour during Anupamaa’s press conference, which was organised by Guru Maa Malti Devi. For the unversed, the press conference was organised by Guru Maa Malti Devi in which she announces Maaya as her successor of her USA’s Gurukul. In order to be a part of Anupamaa’s big day, Anuj goes to attend the press conference.

Realising that Anuj is not around in the Kapadia House, Maaya freaks out and begins to lose control of her mental stability. Seeing Anuj Kapadia attending the press conference with pride for Anupamaa’s glorious achievements, Maaya gets into a fit of rage and starts demolishing all the decoration items which have been kept at the press conference. Its only after Guru Maa Malti Devi’s stern and strict intervention does Anuj apologise on Maaya’s behalf and takes her away from the press conference.

Meanwhile, Anupamaa goes hammer and tongs over the dos and don’ts of every single member at the Shah House. Sensing the forthcoming danger, destruction and doom in the Shah House, Anupamaa tells Samar and Dimpy to leave the Shah House and live separately. She reasons that stating, by doing so, there will be no friction between the two contrasting generations. Hearing that decision of Anupamaa, everyone is shocked. But, Anupamaa remains firm on her words and decision.

Anupamaa says that, since there are only six days remaining for her to go to America, she really wants to live in peace.

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