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Anupamaa: Hasmukh comes back, makes a startling declaration

Kavya and Kinjal finally speak out against the Shahs.

Anupamaa: Hasmukh comes back, makes a startling declaration

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 04.05 AM, Jan 04, 2023

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Anuj declares that he did not even feel like coming back home for the past few days, and Baa intervenes to say that he is blaming her. Anuj laments that the entire family is fighting when they should be celebrating New Years. He then declares that despite him caring about the Shahs, they never accepted him as family. To everyone’s shock, Kavya agrees with him.

Kavya goes on to say that not only Anuj, but even she has not been able to feel like she is a part of the Shah family, despite giving her everything for the family. She goes on to defend Anuj, and complains that Baa always finds fault in her. She also criticises Vanraj for blindly taking his family’s side on everything, without taking stock of what is right or wrong.

Kavya declares that she will now focus on only her life and career, rather than the family who does not care about her. She even adds that Vanraj barely gives her any importance either. She goes on to list out how Baa always defends Paritosh, Pakhi and Vanraj, even listing out the difficult situation Kinjal is in as an example.

As Kavya continues her criticisms on how badly the daughter-in-laws in the Shah family are treated, Kinjal joins in to support Kavya. Kinjal laments about how no one cared about her feelings, and as Paritosh tries to defend himself, Anuj and Anupama silence him.

To everyone’s surprise, Hasmukh comes back and explains how he had become lost amidst the crowd in the temple and his phone’s battery ran out. Hasmukh reveals that he had heard everything and as Baa tries to defend herself, the former silences her. Hasmukh talks about how Baa blamed Anuj, and tells Vanraj that everything that comes out of Baa’s mouth is false. He then goes on to say that everyone needs to change, especially Anupama.