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Anupamaa: Pakhi and Anupama clash about the wedding

Paritosh is reluctant to take up a new job.

Anupamaa: Pakhi and Anupama clash about the wedding

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 06.32 AM, Nov 10, 2022


Kavya tells Vanraj that Pakhi will stay in the Shah house until the wedding, and reveals that the wedding will take place there as well. Vanraj announces that he will leave until the wedding. Kavya puts her foot down and criticises him for his relentless anger. Vanraj storms off and Kavya worries if Vanraj will skip the wedding.

Anuj dives deep into the preparations and makes all the arrangements for the wedding and pre wedding events. Anupama advices Anuj to make sure that Pakhi and Adhik are not rewarded for their actions, and adds that Pakhi is still immature.

Pakhi is still angry about having to go and stay at the Shah house. Adhik tries to put a positive spin on the situation and tries to make Pakhi relent. Barkha comes up with a plan to add fuel to the fire and approaches the new couple. Making a speech of how much she loved Adhik, she gives Pakhi a diamond jewellery set, saying that she wanted to be a part of her brother’s happiness.

Barkha says that she wanted Adhik’s marriage to be celebrated with pomp and show, and was a bit disappointed that it took place in the Shah house. Adhik is the voice of reason and says that it was better that they have a small wedding without putting too much trouble on Anuj. Barkha asks Pakhi if Anupama would behave the same way if it was Choti Anu’s wedding.

Anupama and Anuj still discuss Adhik and Pakhi’s irresponsibility and Pakhi’s demands, and the latter hears it. Pakhi confronts her mother saying what Barkha said. Anupama sternly scolds Pakhi, especially for dragging Choti Anu into it. Anupama tells Pakhi says that the latter is not a part of the Kapadia house, and the two lock horns. Barkha watches all of this.

The Shahs discuss the wedding. Paritosh receives a job offer, which he turns down, saying that he was afraid of facing the world. Kinjal reveals that she will work with her mother.

Pakhi is displeased with Anupama’s selection of bridal attire.