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Anupamaa: The police question Vanraj and Pakhi

Pakhi begs Adhik not to leave her.

Anupamaa: The police question Vanraj and Pakhi

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 05.03 AM, Dec 19, 2022

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After Barkha filed an apprehension complaint against Pakhi and Vanraj, the police question the duo about the same after arriving at the Shah house. To everyone’s shock, Vanraj declares that he wants to file a complaint as well, against the Kapadias.

The people in the colony watch all the drama unfold, and talk amongst themselves about how good Adhik is, and blame Pakhi for everything. Baa tries to wave it away as a simple issue in front of the police, and tell the policewoman that it will be resolved within the family. When Baa requests them to leave, the officer becomes angry.

Hasmukh tries to salvage the situation and apologises to the officers. He goes on to say that there is truth in the complaint, and narrates what happened, asking Pakhi to do the same. Anupama also asks Pakhi to tell the truth, which she does.

After Pakhi tells them everything, the officer scolds Pakhi for what she did and asks her and Vanraj to attend counselling sessions. Vanraj and Pakhi are asked to sign a document that says that whatever happened, the Kapadias will not be responsible.

Vanraj apologises to Anupama. Barkha and Ankush say that it will prove to be difficult to live with Pakhi. The young couple are given the chance to make a decision. Adhik agrees with Barkha and says that he finds Pakhi too unstable and volatile, adding that he does not want to live each day in fear about how Pakhi would react to small things he did. He says that the duo should stay separate for some time.

Pakhi is devastated and begs Adhik not to leave and causes a scene. She accepts that she overreacts and says that she is willing to change, but starts putting all the blame on everyone else, including Anupama. Adhik loses his cool and asks Pakhi to stop her drama.