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Anupamaa Update: Anupamaa all set to fly to USA alongwith Bhairavi, Baa and Vanraj support her decision!

Is this yet another ploy that Baa and her son Vanraj are upto is something that only time will tell

Anupamaa Update: Anupamaa all set to fly to USA alongwith Bhairavi, Baa and Vanraj support her decision!
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  • Satish Sundaresan

Last Updated: 03.44 AM, May 15, 2023

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The day starts off with Anupamaa thanking Guru Maa Malti Devi for selecting her to be a part of Gurukul. She tells Anupamaa to be ready alongwith Bhairavi and that she should be ready with her travel formalities like passport, visa etc... Both, Anupamaa and Bhairavi are super happy after knowing that they will be flying to America! Nakul congratulates Anupamaa on being selected to be a part of Gurukul. He also tells Anupamaa to report to Gurukul on time as Guru Maa Malti Devi is extremely strict about time.

Meanwhile, in the Shah House, Samar and Dimpy distribute sweets to everyone. When Dimpy hugs Baa and seeks her blessings, she apologies for her misbehavior and requests Baa to be happy and bless them for a happy marriage. Baa being Baa, tells Dimpy that she should be grateful that she is at least talking to her. She also does not leave an opportunity to taunt Dimpy about the marriage expenses.

Anupamaa rushes back home to give the good news to her mother and brother Bhavesh. She tells her mother that she and Bhairavi will be flying to America for three years. At the same time, she also asks her mother if she was hasty in signing the contract papers. Her mother assures her that she did the right thing by signing the contract and that she should not be bothered about anyone anymore and that she should concentrate only on herself, her career and Bhairavi.

Just as when she was talking to her mother, Baa calls up Anupamaa on her mobile and ‘instructs’ her to come home to discuss the marriage of Samar and Dimpy. Anupamaa comes to the Shah House and tells everyone about her journey to America alongwith Bhairavi. Hearing this, everyone becomes happy. Babuji says that, once she goes to America, he will be forever free of his guilt. Baa tells Anupamaa that, unlike last time this time round, she and Vanraj are super happy about her trip of USA. Hearing this, Anupamaa is not able to believe her ears. That’s when Baa and Vanraj assure her that, they are genuinely happy with her success. Just as when everyone is in a celebratory mood, Dimpy says that, she has got a message from Anuj stating that he will be coming for the marriage alongwith chhoti Anu and Maaya.

SPOILER ALERT: The forthcoming episode will see the much eagerly anticipated union of Anupamaa and Anuj. Will Maaya or Barkha (Ashlesha Sawant) play the spoilsport is what remains to be seen.