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Archana Puran Singh says she’s yearning for good roles: As an actor, I feel deprived, cheated

Archana Puran Singh believes that while most people only know her from comedic roles, there is much more for them to witness from her.

Archana Puran Singh says she’s yearning for good roles: As an actor, I feel deprived, cheated
Source: Instagram
  • Kanishka Dogra

Last Updated: 06.30 AM, Sep 27, 2022


Although Archana Puran Singh has completed more than four decades in Bollywood, the actress feels that she still has a lot to offer the silver screen. She recently opened up about how she feels restricted and robbed as an actor, after being considered for only comedic parts through the course of her career.

In an interview with Indian Express, Archana mentioned that she was "dying to perform" as an actor and claimed that the viewers have only seen a small portion of her talent. She spoke of how she was capable of handling emotionally charged roles as well and was capable of doing "so much more than just comedy." The actor said that she could cry and make people cry when it came to her performances. She remarked that she hasn't really discovered that aspect of herself but was sure that it will emerge eventually.

Archana continued, “That chhaap (image) is so solid. Also, a lot of people feel that what should they offer me after Ms Briganza. It’s been almost 25 years since Kuch Kuch Hota Hai released. And the character is still following me. People also feel that I am best suited only for comedy. As an actor, I feel deprived, cheated and I have been left yearning for good roles.”

She stated, “They say (in Hollywood) if you keep getting the same roles, it means you are very lucky, that people want to keep watching you. However, I feel it’s the death of an actor. I remember Neena Gupta had once posted on social media seeking work, I guess I will take this opportunity to ask for work from directors and producers.”

Archana had starred in comedic roles in films including Bol Bachchan, Love Story 2050, Mohabbatein, Krrish, and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Additionally, she appeared in the television series Shrimaan Shrimati, Junoon, and Zee Horror Show. Comedy Circus, The Kapil Sharma Show, India's Laughter Champion, and The Kapil Sharma Show are just a few of the comedic programmes in which Archana has also appeared in.