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Ashish Chanchlani wants to quit YouTube and the reason is Elvish Yadav-Maxtern fight

Ashish Chanchlani has already quit Twitter after Elvish Yadav-Maxtern fight

Ashish Chanchlani wants to quit YouTube and the reason is Elvish Yadav-Maxtern fight
Ashish Chanchlani

Last Updated: 10.15 PM, Mar 09, 2024


Ashish Chanchlani has expressed his desire to quit YouTube. This, he hinted, is after Elvish Yadav and Maxtern’s fight. He called it the darkest day for YouTube India. In fact, the social media influencer who became popular through YouTube, has already bid goodbye to Twitter (now X).

Ashish’s announcement

Taking to Twitter (now X), Ashish wrote, “Jo haal chaal chal rahe youtube ke ab toh ye field chodhne ka hi mann karta hai. Yesterday was the darkest day for Youtube India. This was unnecessary and could have been avoided.” He then announced quitting X but with a twist. Ashish will be posting work-related tweets.

Elvish-Maxtern fight

Elvish Yadav was seen beating up Maxtern. The whole incident was recorded. Soon after, Maxtern filed an FIR against Elvish and alleges there was attempt to murder. He claims Elvish was close to breaking his spine and should be imprisoned for his actions.

Elvish’s response

Elvish has posted a nearly 14-minute video in response to Maxtern’s claims and FIR. The YouTuber alleges that Maxtern said he would burn his family, especially his mother, alive. That is what irked Elvish, after which the incident occurred and was recorded. Elvish also alleges that Maxtern would target him since his Bigg Boss OTT 2 stint, which happened eight months back. Maxtern would write something against Elvish and in hopes of clearing things out, Elvish wanted to meet Maxtern. The latter, however, showed little interest and when he eventually did agree to meet, Elvish claims that he irked the Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner, which caused the reaction. Interestingly, Elvish noted that it was Women’s Day and the incident happened after Elvish beat up a man in Jaipur after a similar statement. The YouTuber ended the video asking the netizens how would they have reacted if they were in his shoes, and apologized for the extreme actions on Maxtern.

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