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Ashok Selvan in a remake of an iconic Kamal Haasan film? All the juicy details are here...

As reported earlier, Por Thozhil's Ashok Selvan and Vignesh Raja are reuniting for a banger. Guess which film they are remaking? Read on to find out...

Ashok Selvan in a remake of an iconic Kamal Haasan film? All the juicy details are here...
Ashok Selvan; Kamal Haasan from Sathyaa (1988)

Last Updated: 06.55 PM, Mar 26, 2024


Ashok Selvan is all set to star in the remake of Kamal Haasan's 1988 blockbuster film Sathyaa. Yes, you read that right! The Blue Star actor is teaming up with Por Thozhil director Vignesh Raja for an adaptation of the 1988 classic. We had earlier reported that the actor-director duo was collaborating on a new project . Although speculation is that it would be a sequel to Por Thozhil, some reports suggest that it is a new subject. Now, it has been confirmed by close sources that the duo is teaming up to remake the Kamal Haasan film with a modern twist. 

Sathyaa (1988)
Sathyaa (1988)

All you need to know about Kamal Haasan’s Sathyaa

Sathyaa, directed by Suresh Krissna, was released in 1988. It had Kamal Haasan and Amala Akkineni in lead roles. The gangster drama revolves around Sathya, played by Kamal Hassan, a young man who wants to make a difference. However, he ends up becoming a henchman of a political leader who has his own agenda. The film became one of the biggest blockbusters upon its release and won several laurels. To date, the film is considered one of the gems in Kamal Haasan’s filmography. 

Was Ashok Selvan secretly preparing for Sathyaa? Instagram posts spark debate

Although an official confirmation is awaited, it looks like Ashok Selvan has given away several clues. The actor has been sporting short hair and a thick beard, which were made iconic by Kamal Haasan in Sathyaa. These pictures of the actor on Instagram do hint that the actor is indeed part of the remake. 

Ashok Selvan and Vignesh Raja
Ashok Selvan and Vignesh Raja

Director Vignesh Raja speaks about his next film

Earlier, director Vignesh revealed that he feels more responsible about his next project due to the audience's high expectations after the success of Por Thozhil. “I feel there’s more responsibility on me now. As the years pass, the stories get exhausted because people tell them before you can,” the director said. 

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