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Asur 2 actor Gaurav Arora reveals how he takes a break from social media

The actor plays Kesar Bharadwaj in Asur 2, which also stars Barun Sobti, Arshad Warsi, and Amey Wagh

Asur 2 actor Gaurav Arora reveals how he takes a break from social media
Gaurav Arora
  • Arundhuti Banerjee

Last Updated: 04.44 PM, Jun 04, 2023


Actor Gaurav Arora is vocal about using technology and social media in moderation to strike a balance between living in the virtual and real worlds.

In the web series Asur 2, he plays an astrologer and motivational speaker named Kesar Bharadwaj, and according to Gaurav, he went through several mythological stories to get a deeper understanding of the human mind. Asur explores the dark side of the human mind, and its story is intertwined with history and the modern day.

Speaking about how he finds a way to include mythology and spirituality in daily life while cutting down on the use of social media, Gaurav told OTTplay, "I have spoken about how the extensive use of social media is damaging our mind, but we must not forget that many people get their livelihood from social media. So, I am not really blaming the medium, but highlighting that only online information and social media cannot overpower our lives and take away the ability to communicate and understand human beings in real life." 

"There are people who troll on social media and grab eyeballs with that. This reflects the mindset of such people. As an artist, I feel that we need spiritual healing every day, which is something that we need to normalise in our daily lives. I do an Art of Living course, and such activities really help me keep negativity at bay. I would recommend people practise such things instead of seeking instant gratification on social media."

Starting his career as a model, Gaurav went through some ups and downs in his career before acting in projects like Love Games, Raaz: Reboot, Broken But Beautiful, and Aadha Ishq, apart from Asur, which made him popular and gave him an opportunity to prove his mettle as an actor.

Asur 2 is available to stream on JioCinema.