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Asur 2: Amey Wagh almost reveals the mystery of his character, Rasool Shaikh | Exclusive

Amey Wagh plays a pivotal role in Asur 2, and the actor shares more on the musical playlist he had to get into the zone of deadly, mysterious Rasool and more...

Asur 2: Amey Wagh almost reveals the mystery of his character, Rasool Shaikh | Exclusive
Amey Wagh
  • Arundhuti Banerjee

Last Updated: 02.13 PM, Jun 01, 2023


The last twist of the first season of the web series Asur left the audience with multiple questions on who is the serial killer and if Rasool is the man behind those murders, especially after those moments of look-exchanges with Nikhil Nair and DJ, who are investigating the case. In the new season, Amey Wagh, who plays Rasool in the show, reveals more about his character.

Asked to share more of his character, Amey told OTTplay, "In the first season, we had a lot of seeding in; in the narrative, we were planting a lot of elements that created a certain amount of curiosity, and in the last two episodes of the first season, many people started thinking that Rasool is probably the man behind all these killings or he might be associated with the serial killer. Now in the new season, we are unfolding a lot of mystery; many questions are getting answered, and most importantly, the darker side of each character is coming out."

He further added, "Since my character is too mysterious and anything that I share could be a spoiler, in the new season we get to see an interesting character graph, his backstory, and a nice emotional journey of the character. In the first season, we have seen Rasool mostly working from behind, on the desk with his computer. Here we see who he is."

The actor also shared how it was quite a challenge, and he went through a process to be in the shoes of Rasool because he is just the opposite of who he played on screen.

Amey said, "I am very different as an individual in reality from Rasool, and I would say that that was the challenge for me as an actor. By nature, I am extroverted and animated; I cannot keep quiet, and I talk a lot with everyone around me. I am not someone who would bottle up emotion; I talk it out, argue, fight, or whatever, but I am quite transparent. Rasool is just the opposite of that; he speaks through his eyes, and when so much tandav is happening around him, he is silently moving the mountain, and no one even imagines that he is doing all that."

According to him, the internal preparation for the character was pretty intense for him, and Amey shared a glimpse of that.

"I had a lot of emotional preparation for that, and to get into the zone, I used to listen to a lot of instrumental music. I had a playlist for Rasool's character. Finding that calm and intense at the same time that we see in his eyes, I had to cut off from the normalcy that was happening around me. Through the music, I was getting emotionally triggered, and I utilised that emotion into my performance," shared the actor, who is a prominent name in the Marathi entertainment industry.

Asur 2 is streaming on JioCinema and stars Barun Sobti, Arshad Warsi, Ridhi Dogra, and Anupriya Goenka in pivotal roles.