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Before You season 4 Part 1 drops, here’s a refresher on all you need to remember from season 3

The upcoming season stars Penn Badgley, Tati Gabrielle, Lukas Gage and Charlotte Ritchie.

Before You season 4 Part 1 drops, here’s a refresher on all you need to remember from season 3

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 10.32 AM, Feb 08, 2023

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Penn Badgley is set to unsettle audiences yet again as the irresistibly charming, obsessive and murderous stalker Joe Goldberg. Within 24 hours, You season 4 Part 1 will drop on Netflix, featuring Joe making the best of his identity swapping yet again, taking on the avatar of suave English professor, Jonathan Moore, in London. But how on earth did Joe go from being a suburban family man, husband to Love Quinn(Victoria Pedretti) and father to baby Henry, to a mysterious English professor.


Here’s a refresher on the wreckage Joe left behind in Season 3.

Who were murdered in You Season 3?

Spoilers ahead. Who would Joe Goldberg even be without his murderous streak? Although Joe has made a promise to himself to curb his murderous tendencies, on more occasions than one, the chap cannot seem to stick to that resolution, and Season 3 was a bloodbath like its predecessor as well.

But surprisingly, the first murder of the season wasn’t at the hands of Joe, but was done by his equally murderous wife, Love Quinn. When Joe started to become obsessed with his new neighbour, Natalie (Michaela McManus), and Love found out, the young woman was quick to nip that affair in the bud, taking an axe to Natalie and disposing the body with Joe’s help.

Viewers would remember Love and Joe’s annoying friend Gil Brigham, a professor. After realising that Baby Henry contracted measles as a result of Gil not vaccinating his children, Love assaults him and she and Joe lock him in their glass vault. In the middle of deciding what to do with Gil, the trio discover that Gil’s son assaults girls, and that his wife is covering it up. Unable to bear the news, Gil hangs himself, leaving Joe and Love with another body to dispose of.

While working at the local library, Joe finds his latest obsession in librarian and aspiring artist Marianne(Tati Gabrielle). Although the duo are off to a rocky start, they become quick friends and Marianne reveals to Joe about how her ex Ryan is blackmailing her to get custody of their daughter. Do-gooder Joe decides to become avenger, and promptly kills him as well.

What happened to Joe’s wife, Love?

Joe and Love seemed to be a match made in heaven, each outdoing the other when it comes to derangement. After realising that Joe did not love her any more and she would never be able to keep him for himself, she decides to kill Joe herself. Joe, who had anticipated Love’s grand plan, turns the tables on her, and murders her instead.

What happened to Joe and Love’s son, Henry?

After killing Love and realising that he would never be the kind of father Baby Henry deserved, Joe decides to leave his son at the doorstep of Dante and his husband. Dante, a blind man who also worked at the library, and his husband then officially adopt Henry.

How did Joe get to Europe?

Remember Joe’s new obsession, Marianne? After getting custody of her daughter, after Joe’s ‘help’, and being warned about Joe’s real nature by Love, Marianne decides to go to Paris, a place she always wanted to live in. Joe decides to follow her all the way there, adopting yet another identity.

You Season 4 Part 1 will be available to stream on Netflix from February 9 onwards. The second part will be released on Netflix on March 9.