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Bigg Boss 15 November 12 2021 written update: Afsana Khan leaves Salman Khan's show

After a heated debate, Afsana finally agreed to leave the house.

Shaheen Irani
Nov 12, 2021
cover image
Bigg Boss 15 - Afsana Khan.

Day 40 in the Bigg Boss 15 house continues with Afsana Khan refusing to go out. She talks to Saanjh and breaks down. She finally does leave on a positive note.

Nishant Bhat tells Neha Bhasin to stop saying she came on the show for Shamita Shetty. He says that while Pratik Sehajpal can survive alone, Shamita has a lot of teen-paanch.

Shamita is then heard telling Neha about how she is upset with Vishal Kotian, while stating why he is called a snake. Meanwhile, Nishant is heard telling Pratik that they won't do favours for each other.

As Vishal tells the camera that he earned the star by his own hardwork, Tejasswi Prakash, Karan Kundrra and Nishant Bhat come and tell him you're welcome, Vishal.

The contestants wake up to Dil Haara on day 41. As Jay calls Vishal Shamita's 'bhai', she laughs. He is then heard asking Nishant about his recent actions and supporting Pratik. Nishant is heard asking Vishal about his opinion on people. Vishal talks about his issue with Jay, that the host believes in numbers. Rajiv eavesdrops on the conversation. Umar opens the door and he gets caught.

Nishant and Tejasswi feel Pratik should be the captain. They all name Simba. Rajiv tells Shamita that Vishal did not name her for captaincy. She then tells Vishal about how she and the group have less to no trust in him.

Bigg Boss 15.

Tejasswi and Jay tease Karan about his ex. They say the two only went to salons, since both Jay and Tejasswi saw them there only. While they tease Karan, Tejasswi gets confused. As she whispers to Karan, Bigg Boss asks her to stop whispering. This makes Jay and Karan break into laughter. Jay even says Bigg Boss wants clarity.

The contestants get the luxury item task, in which they have to get the golden eggs. Karan is the moderator of the task. Pratik, Simba and Neha sacrifice ghee, coffee and protein bars. Shamita gets gluten free chips, Rajiv gets chocolate spread and Jay gets fruit juice. Nishant teases Jay saying as usual it was his poor performance.

A big argument breaks out between Pratik and Umar over kitchen duties. Umar says he wants to talk to Pratik's Boss Simba. He also calls Pratik bawarchi and says, "Khaana bana." Karan praises Umar after the argument gets over.

Shamita argues over the vessels duty. That is when Umar and Pratik get into an argument again. Vishal makes fun of them and Karan makes fun of him.

Nishant then asks Pratik who will wash the vessels, which also leads to an argument. Simba also justifies why he left the vessels unclean.

Karan tells Nishant how he felt like laughing over the matter. He is then heard talking to Rajiv about the same. He suggests Rajiv to play for himself rather than being a brother or friend.

Shamita is then heard talking to Pratik about Nishant's behaviour. He is then seen confronting the choreographer about his strategy.

Karan discusses Neha's katputli comment for Umar. The captain then confronts Neha. Later, Umar and Shamita are also seen fighting. As Tejasswi and Karan clap, Neha calls them fattu. Nishant calls them kaminey. Neha comes and talks to Karan about it. Umar says bahut pyaare lagte hai haste hue.

Shamita is then heard talking about Afsana and how she started behaving crazy an hour and half before she called her paagal. She lashes out at Rajiv for saying he misses Afsana. He comes and defends himself later.

Karan, Rajiv and Umar are seen grooving to Lambi Judai. The episode ends as Tejasswi shows Karan her outfit.

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