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Bigg Boss 15 November 13 2021 written update: Salman, Karan, others declare Jay as the weakest contestant of the house

Salman Khan gave Pratik Sehajpal a good scolding over his matter with Rajiv Adatia during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, too.

Shaheen Irani
Nov 13, 2021
cover image
Bigg Boss 15 - Jay Bhanushali.

Salman Khan begins Bigg Boss 15 by giving guidance to The Big Picture host Ranveer Singh. He finally comes on stage and talks about his energy after filming The Big Picture for six hours straight.

Salman talks about empty vessel task. Pratik Sehajpal, Shamita Shetty, Simba Nagpal, Neha Bhasin pick Umar Riaz. Umar picks Pratik back, calling him a furniture. Tejasswi, Vishal Kotian also pick Pratik. Nishant Bhat, Rajiv Adatia pick Vishal. Karan Kundrra picks Jay Bhanushali. Jay picks Vishal and Pratik. Thus, majority picks Umar.

Shamita then asks Rajiv to stick with her. Pratik, on the other hand, talks to Neha about people making personal remarks on him.

Salman then talks to the housemates about the empty vessels task. The host then asks Umar if he wants to see his aggression and pleads not to drag him to aggressive mode. Salman then introduces Jay as 'jo sabse pehle ghar mein aaya aur ab tak ghar ko samajh nahi paaya'. The host praises Simba for not being active but taking a stand and making relations in the house and fan following outside it. Salman reminds Jay and the housemates how they aren't co-dependent on each other. He calls him the weakest member of the house. Jay says how everything is a deal in the house. Salman asks Jay to correct his behaviour in the house. Jay gets emotional and says he cannot take dhokha.

The host asks about the house's captain. He says that Pratik looks like the captain of the house. Salman talks about his big fight with Umar in the kitchen. He then talks about how the house's ration was cut because of Shamita and Afsana.

Salman then talks about the incident with Rajiv. Nishant defends Pratik saying that the matter was converted to fun. The host reminds Pratik of crossing the line. Salman then says that Pratik would beg to get out of the house if he was there. When Pratik pleads, Shamita asks Rajiv why he didn't talk to her.

Salman then scolds Rajiv also for not keeping his opinion when even Simba does. The host then talks about Pratik's pattern. Salman asks Neha why is she becoming next Divya Agarwal or Miesha Iyer.

Soon after Salman leaves them, Pratik apologizes to Rajiv. Meanwhile, Tejasswi and Karan discuss Shamita's reaction. Karan confronts her and she asks Rajiv to take a stand for himself at the right time. Karan feels that Shamita's behaviour pushes Rajiv away, which upsets her further. Karan's behaviour upsets Tejasswi further.

As Karan recalls his struggle during growing up years, Kartik Aaryan makes an entry. He meets Salman. The host tests Arjun Pathak from Dhamaka (Kartik). Salman then praises Kartik's film choices. He then enters the house and introduces the task where contestants have to pick who is dropping and adding to the rating.

Nishant picks Jay for low TRP and Karan for high TRP. He also picks Rajiv for high TRP. Umar also picks Jay for low TRP and himself for high TRP. Pratik picks Umar for low TRP. It makes Karan laugh. Pratik picks himself for high TRP. Neha picks Tejasswi for low TRP. She points out how she didn't take a stand before Afsana Khan left the house. After a long discussion, Neha picks Simba for high TRP. Tejasswi picks Jay for low TRP and Karan for high TRP. Karan tries to clear things with Jay about the misunderstanding with Tejasswi. He then picks Jay and Vishal for low TRP and Tejasswi for high TRP. Jay begins the task by talking to Karan. The actor removes his block for low TRP and gives it to Nishant for high TRP. Shamita picks Jay for low TRP and gives Vishal high TRP. Vishal picks Karan for low TRP and gives Tejasswi high TRP. Simba picks Vishal for low TRP and Nishant for high TRP. Rajiv picks Jay for low TRP and Simba for high TRP. With that, Kartik leaves.

Vishal talks to Umar about Karan. Meanwhile, Karan and Tejasswi talk to Jay. Salman gives a precap of November 14's episode before ending November 13 episode.

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