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Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar November 7 2021 written update: Ieshaan Sehgaal evicted from Salman Khan's show

Ekta Kapoor grilled Shamita Shetty and scared the actress in the same episode.

Shaheen Irani
Nov 07, 2021
cover image
Ieshaan Sehgaal/Instagram

Salman Khan begins the show saying Miesha Iyer was evicted and there will be another elimination today. Ieshaan Sehgaal, Umar Riaz, Nishant Bhat and Simba Nagpal are nominated for evictions. Salman gives Rajiv Adatia wrong place wrong time award.

He asks Raqesh Bapat and Neha Bhasin to start competing. Raqesh asked about Akka-Anna connection. Vishal Kotian and Shamita Shetty clear the air. Shamita says she is confused about the relation. She points out how Vishal has gone into his shell after Raqesh and Neha came in the house.

Neha's question is what is Tejasswi Prakash's problem with Karan Kundrra and Shamita talking. Raqesh asks about their organic bond. The answer ends up in fun. Neha asks Pratik about his solo game. Raqesh asks Pratik if he will stay with Nishant till the end or share the trophy.

Salman then introduces the sitaare task. Shamita and Tejasswi are first. They have to pick between Vishal and Karan. The two can't come to a decision. They have to break both the plates but Shamita ends up breaking Pratik and Jay's too, accidentally. Jay, Karan and Vishal have to pick between Tejasswi and Shamita. They too have to break both the plates. Rajiv and Nishant are next. They have to pick between Afsana, Simba and Umar. While Rajiv is team Umar, Nishant is team Simba. Afsana is out. They too, break both the plates. Afsana, Simba and Umar have to choose between Pratik, Ieshaan and Nishant. The trio can't decide on a name. They pick Ieshaan over majority. Umar and Afsana feel Pratik's game is stronger than Nishant. Thus, Pratik is liked. Pratik and Ieshaan have to pick between Rajiv and Jay. Pratik picks Rajiv. Ieshaan agrees. Pratik and Jay are the sitaare.

Bigg Boss 15.

Shamita tells Raqesh that she is getting influenced about Vishal. Meanwhile, Neha asks Tejasswi to be mindful of what she says. Shamita then confronts Vishal and apologizes to him.

Salman introduces Ekta Kapoor to the show. She introduces Naagin 6. Thus, Surbhi Chandna and Anita Hassanandani enter the show too. Surbhi is fond of Jay and not Vishal.

Soon, they enter the house. Ekta introduces soch ki sachai task. Shamita would like to give fashion tips to Pratik and Tejasswi. Umar goes next and says Rajiv needs akalmandi's injection. He calls Jay laalchi. He calls Karan controlling. Karan gives Simba and Nishant the shot. Tejasswi goes next and calls Pratik self-centred. She asks Raqesh to stay quiet, while feeling Shamita is insecure of her. Pratik says he can't trust Karan. He isn't affected from Ieshaan's presence and says Nishant always needs alliance. Nishant goes next and says Karan has naag quality. Ekta gives Pratik and Raqesh the evil eye.

Anita asks Jay to do more in the house. She also tells Shamita she loves her frank nature. Nishant gives Karan the dhongi naqab. Shamita gives Karan the chaalu tag. As the naagins tease Karan with Shamita, Raqesh comes and steals her away. Karan picks Vishal as bewakoof. Pratik gives Umar the fattu tag. Afsana gives Vishal the negative tag. Umar gives Shamita the unfair tag. Ekta loses her calm as Shamita doesn't give her justification. Vishal gives Jay bura insaan tag. Rajiv gives Pratik the dishonest tag. Tejasswi gives Umar badtameez tag and later changes it to Pratik. Jay gives Vishal the selfish tag. Neha go next and says Tejasswi is I Me Myself. Simba gives lazy tag to Afsana. Karan wins the round with Shamita and Nishant. Ekta roots for Raqesh and Shamita before leaving the house.

Bigg Boss 15.

Salman is back in the house and gives the housemates a scolding for saying the creative team gives scripts. He brings the hero and zero task. Contestants have to pick between Jay and Karan. Nishant picks Jay as hero. Afsana picks Karan. Neha, Shamita, Raqesh, Pratik, Simba, Rajiv give Karan zero. Tejasswi, Umar, Ieshaan give Jay zero. Thus, Karan is zero and Jay is hero, according to the housemates.

Salman talks about VIPs and how only they can become winners. He then introduces the second elimination. He warns Simba about his behaviour this week. He is talking about his fight with Umar. Simba cannot participate in the race to grand finale. Simba, Nishant and Umar are safe. The second person to be evicted is Ieshaan. Rajiv and Tejasswi break down. Karan calms Tejasswi with a hug. With that, Salman bids adieu to the episode.

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