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Bigg Boss 16 December 18 Written Update: The reality show gets an extension of yet another month

Tina Datta and Soumbul Touqeer get into a massive fight in the latest episode.

Bigg Boss 16 December 18 Written Update: The reality show gets an extension of yet another month
Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 16
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 01.45 AM, Dec 19, 2022

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Tina Datta talks to Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary about how Shalin Bhanot threw a cigarette box at her to start the new day in the Bigg Boss 16 house. MC Stan says he wouldn't want to speak with Tina until the last possible moment for Sumbul Touqeer Khan. Shalin begs Tina to speak with him after seeing her rub his name off the mug as he arrives. She delays it, and Shalin accuses her of acting extremely haughtily toward him.

Sreejita De was asked by Archana Gautam to clean her side of the kitchen, and Vikkas Maniktala followed suit. Priyanka speaks with Sreejita and Soundarya Sharma about the same issue. Sumbul believes that entering Bigg Boss 16 was a mistake. Stan concurs. Sumbul cries once more when Sajid tries to speak to her. Priyanka tells Vikkas about Shalin's head injury and how an ex-girlfriend caused it. Stan said the following two weeks will be enjoyable in the meantime.

When "Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai" starts playing on the stereo, the housemates are surprised. Bigg Boss, according to Archana, started dating. Sumbul and Soundarya will compete in a race soon. Everyone is summoned to the dining room by Bigg Boss. He has a gift for each competitor. Additionally, Bigg Boss declares that the program has received the greatest TRPs and has been renewed for a further four weeks. Both Tina-Shalin and Archana-Soundarya react differently to the news.

Archana discusses her responsibilities in the bathroom and demonstrates how she cleaned it. Then Vikkas and Tina crack a joke, "Main, Main." Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia promises to carry out her obligation.

Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary jokes that she will criticise Ankit Gupta's behaviour when he taunts her. Shalin and Archana are fighting, and she is accusing him of not being clean.

Shiv Thakare and Shalin declare Vikkas to be attractive, while Sreejita disagrees. Sreejita's mother and Tina's mother are excellent friends, and Tina and Sreejita are also close in real life. Sajid admits to Shiv that he acted similarly to Shalin in his late 20s. He recalls how the direction of Heyy Babyy caused his track to change.

Sreejita and Tina discuss their problems with each other, as do Archana and Vikkas, while Sajid and Vikkas make fun of Sumbul. Nimrit expresses to Sreejita her hope for Abdu Rozik's return in two days. Ankit responds to Tina and Vikkas' inquiries about Priyanka by stating that she desires marriage and a family, while he does not. Sreejita is informed by Archana that Tina made Shalin's bed.

Shekhar Suman is present. Archana's roti dosh is the subject of his first tarot card reading, followed by Sreejita's bhindi dosh. Archana, according to Sreejita, has ungli karne ka keeda. The following card features Ankit and Ice. To start fights, Shekhar points his finger at Ankit. The following card features Shalin and an antenna with no signal. Priyanka's card is drawn next, and she is given a loudspeaker. The next card is the Fourth Gear dosh, which belongs to Sajid. Sajid is perplexed by Ankit's development and the notion that Sumbul needs an accelerator. Priyanka pays Stan. Shekhar offers Stan a proposal in a rap. Tina's walk-out card follows. A dance to "My Name Is Lakhan" is included on the following card. It is intended for Sumbul. Shiv's next card is a popat. To Shiv, Priyanka possesses dimaag ki kami. Sreejita wants Tina to have a white heart because hers is black. Shalin defends Tina. In Soundarya's opinion, Shalin needs a silencer and a reality check meter. Sreejita, in Vikkas' opinion, needs a cookbook and to speak with someone in person.

"They crossed a line that shouldn't have been crossed," Tina says to Shalin. Soon after, she discusses chocolates with Sumbul. They argue with each other. Tina yells at Shalin as Sumbul leaves. In order to defend herself, Sumbul returns. Next, Tina declares Sumbul invisible. Sumbul informs Soundarya that she is being called invisible by someone who switches relationships.

Priyanka discusses with Soundarya how Archana refused to lend a hand and didn't give them chapati. Nimrit says that Priyanka should be a daily soap vamp because she asks for chapati for both Ankit and herself. Vikkas will not give Priyanka any atta. Then, after arguing with Archana, Priyanka complains to Sreejita. The fighting between Priyanka and Archana gets worse. While Ankit is sound asleep, Archana leaves and teases Priyanka. Upon awakening, he visits Priyanka. Meanwhile, Shiv hears Archana sobbing.

We now have a new competitor. As a result, Priyanka, Nimrit, and Soundarya triumphed. Priyanka is then made fun of by Archana for making rotis late. Soon, Soundarya and Archana will battle. He shouts her out as Archana draws Shalin into the altercation.

Particularly in light of the stale food, Vikkas declines to wash the containers. Tina warns Archana not to go on aukaad. Additionally, Ankit speaks for Priyanka. Archana leaves after Priyanka and she engages in personal contact. Vikkas then inquires as to Soundarya's lack of communication with Archana. Archana then declines to perform kitchen duty once more. Soundarya and Archana, both in tears, are brought together by Sajid. The two are averse to speaking to one another. Tina and Shalin arrive to persuade the ill Archana. Because of Archana's actions, according to Priyanka, she is alone. After Stan requests it, Bigg Boss immediately turns off the lights.