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Bigg Boss 16 December 29 Written Update: Shalin Bhanot and Vikkas Maniktala's fight takes over all the attention

Shiv Thakare saves Sumbul Touqeer from nomination.

Bigg Boss 16 December 29 Written Update: Shalin Bhanot and Vikkas Maniktala's fight takes over all the attention
Bigg Boss 16 - December 29 - Written Update
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 01.54 AM, Dec 30, 2022


As the day begins, Archana Gautam tells Sajid Khan that she detests Shalin Bhanot and will only speak to him when he speaks to her. Additionally, she spreads rumours about Priyanka Chahar Chaudhry, which amuses Sajid. He mentions Sreejita De. Archana reveals that Sreejita threatened to curse her if she left the house. Sajid attempts to silence Archana as she becomes emotional simply thinking about it.

Shalin mentions that the eviction is still one day away. Just then, the Bigg Boss theme song starts playing. When Sajid confronts Sreejita, Archana and Soundarya Sharma play along and enjoy the situation. She claims that while she hasn't cursed Archana, she has also refused to bestow blessings on her. Shiv Thakare delegated tasks. MC Stan declines Archana's offer to help clean the powder room. This results in a disagreement. They are all cautioned by Shiv not to irritate him or he will destroy their day.

With Archana, Tina Datta tries to make fun of Shalin. He declares that three minutes after their engagement, he will shoot Archana to death. On the other side, Sreejita is upset about the morning incident that happened in front of Archana. Later, he believes Sreejita requires masala. Stan arrives and begs Archana not to become involved in his issues. Sajid claims that Archana has won since she has video of individuals arguing for eight minutes and discussing the incident for sixteen minutes.

If Archana is nominated the following week, Shalin informs Sreejita that she will be removed. On Shukravaar Ka Vaar, Shalin wants Soundarya to leave the house. Sajid quips that when he added Sumbul Touqeer Khan to their team, everyone started fighting with him. Archana predicts that Shiv's true colours will soon show in the conclusion. Shiv, in Archana's opinion, has grown stronger as a result of Priyanka. Then, Sumbul is seen receiving encouragement from Shiv to speak up. The relationship between Priyanka and Ankit is then criticised by Archana. They won't even meet outside the house, in her opinion.

Tina rejects Shalin's attempts to hug her behind. With Sreejita, Priyanka talks about the two's problems and how they don't accept how they feel. Tina then visits Maahim to play with him. Shalin also places Maahim before Vikkas Maniktala. The latter requested eggs and veggies from Shalin. Shalin and Vikkas engage in combat after Tina calls Shalin "kaamchor" once more. Shalin hears Tina comforting Vikkas about him from Priyanka. Vikkas and Shalin's altercation, in Sajid's opinion, was orchestrated.

Because of the cameras, Shiv declines to kiss Maahim. Due to her dribbling saliva, he requests that she keep a napkin. Chaatna isn't just Maahim's responsibility, according to the contender. The assignment, which involves editors Abdu, Sajid, Archana, Stan, and Shiv, will report on the nominees. They are still capable of preventing an eviction. Stan and Archana decline to travel together once more. Tina and Bigg Boss both protest to Sajid about something. Since the mandali wants to save Nimrit, Archana makes a commitment to ruin his life.

Sumbul, who is speaking with Stan, Archana, and them, brings up Tina. Both Nimrit and Priyanka discuss each other. Shalin and his "false fight" are discussed by Soundarya. Vikkas is the objective of Sreejita, and Stan also drags Tina. Shalin and Tina aim to harm Nimrit. Vikkas goes after Sumbul. She finds it irritating when Shalin makes references to Nimrit's drug use. Stan chooses Vikkas while Archana chooses Priyanka, but after hearing Shiv's explanation of the mission, Stan changes his mind. Shiv and Archana argue, as does Vikkas. Stan chooses Sreejita in the end. Shiv criticises Archana while also supporting Nimrit. Vikkas and Nimrit are still nominated.

Next up are Sajid and Abdu. This time, Soundarya is the target of Sumbul's choice of Shalin. Sajid expresses interest in Shalin's title for Sharma, despite Archana's pleading to rescue her. Tina is Sreejita's objective. Once more, Soundarya chooses Shalin. Soundarya was chosen by Priyanka. Then, according to Archana, Sumbul is utilised by both factions. Tina goes after Sreejita. This time, Vikkas misses his turn. For Sreejita, Sajid chooses Soundarya's jab at Shalin and Tina's headline. Sreejita and Shalin are still nominated.

The mandali predicts who will succeed in the endeavor. Tina is Nimrit's choice for Shiv's round. Priyanka is the target of Pribul and Sumbul's wordplay. Soundarya is targeted by Sreejita. Sumbul is the aim of Shalin. Stan is informed by Sajid that Nimrit would abandon him, but Sumbul wouldn't until the very last minute. Priyanka also singles out Sumbul. Shiv was right when he said Tina would pick up on Soundarya as well. Shiv chooses Tina, Priyanka, and Soundarya. Sumbul is thus secure. Everyone anticipated that.

Nimrit informs Sreejita about Shalin's attempt to accuse him of drug addiction. Shalin's comments that Sumbul is weak are questioned by Sajid. Shiv urges Sumbul to continue the battle after she returns. Sumbul joins Shalin in a fight while Tina tries to stop him. Sumbul responds angrily to Shalin's request to cry by vowing never to cry again. Shiv also travels to defend Sumbul.

Bigg Boss speaks with Priyanka and Nimrit about the Shalin-Sumbul situation. Shalin's treatment of Soundarya is discussed by the mandali in the meantime. Particularly Shiv loses his composure. Shalin, on the other hand, asserts that three individuals will adhere to one. Shalin and Sreejita talk about dissolving the family.

Shalin makes an effort to speak with her, and Sumbul informs Nimrit. Sumbul makes a pledge to say what Nimrit wishes to say to her. Archana has a bad dream. Vikkas and Priyanka approach her next. In the dream, Salman Khan is seen keeping an eye on her ill brother Gulshan. Following Archana's return to sleep, all the housemates awaken.