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Bigg Boss 16 December 6 Written Update: Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot fight yet again

Sumbul Touqeer, Tina Datta, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, and MC Stan are nominated for evictions this week.

Bigg Boss 16 December 6 Written Update: Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot fight yet again
Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot in Bigg Boss 16
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 01.40 AM, Dec 07, 2022

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Another day has arrived, and Bigg Boss 16 must begin another eviction nomination task. In the episode of Bigg Boss that aired on Tuesday, the host sent some witchy energy into the house, and captain Ankit discovered himself under a witch's sway. Shalin and Tina got into another quarrel when Tina found Sumbul in a disoriented state.

Tina irritates Archana by taking the gluten-free bread away. Tina is the first woman, according to Archana. Tina complains to Soundarya for stealing her coffee and queries Archana's removal of the former's multigrain bread. Tina and Soundarya disagree about Tina's remark about the coffee.

Stan informs Abdu that Sajid did not request coffee from him as usual. Stan and Abdu discuss how humans evolve. Nimrit, according to Abdu, appears to behave oddly around him as well. Abdu informs Sajid about Stan's remarks. Sajid apologises for the changes he's made. Sajid makes fun of having to find Sumbul a groom.

Shalin unintentionally unlocked the door to the restroom Soundarya was using. It appears to have angered Tina. Shiv makes fun of Soundarya for leaving her doors unlocked. Nimrit, and he makes fun of it.

Sajid is informed by Abdu that Shiv has changed. Abdu asserts that Shiv, Nimrit, and Stan adore the artist, whereas Sajid claims that Abdu is overanalyzing. The jokers and clowns in the house, according to Sajid, are he and Abdu. Sajid asserts that no one can fall in love with a joker, and Abdu responds by speculating on what may occur if the joker does.

Vegetables are cooked for the first time by Priyanka. Abdu asks Nimrit how he looks when donning eyeglasses. Shiv makes jokes, and Abdu jokingly engages in combat. Once again, Soundarya and Archana get into a heated argument over the food, with the former yelling that Archana always complains about everything. Archana is described by Soundarya as a bad person and an attention-seeker.

Nimrit, Shiv, Abdu, and Stan are instructed by Sajid not to speak to Sumbul. In between, Abdu breaks out in laughter. Sajid claims he didn't anticipate Sumbul to act in this manner. Shiv advises Sumbul to consider her actions before acting. Confounded, Sumbul queries what she did. As they continue, Sajid, Nimrit, and Shiv reprimand Abdu for giggling. Sumbul is asked by Sajid to swear she didn't say anything. They all admit they were joking until Sumbul begins to cry.

When everyone is caught lying, Bigg Boss claims that Ankit must be to blame. Even without Bigg Boss calling them, everyone gathers in the living room. Ankit and Archana make fun of each other and act seductively. If Tina is aware of spirits and devils, Bigg Boss queries. Tina receives a riddle from the Supreme, the solution to which is a witch. To bring everyone to the activity room, Tina is instructed.

A dark, red room filled with voodoo dolls and enormous shoes is opened to the housemates. There is a witch in the house, according to Bigg Boss, and dangerous witches are those who are hungry. He claims that the witch is holding Ankit captive because she is hungry, and he begs the captain to assume the witch's position. According to Ankit, he is the one who curses women. According to Bigg Boss, it appeared as though Ankit had put a spell over the house.

The elimination challenge, according to Bigg Boss and Ankit, is to identify the six housemates who have the authority to propose contestants for eviction. Sajid and Priyanka are exempt from nomination, while Stan has already received one as punishment. Priyanka, Soundarya, Archana, Sumbul, Shiv, and Shalin are given the authority to propose candidates for eviction by Ankit.

Sumbul and Nimrit are suggested by Priyanka. Sajid is mentioned by Soundarya before she realises her error. Tina and Sumbul are then nominated by Soundarya. Tina and Nimrit were selected by Archana. Sumbul chooses Shalin and Tina. Shiv chose Soundarya and Tina. Shalin chooses Sumbul and Archana. Those up for eviction this week are Tina, Sumbul, Nimrit, and Stan.

Priyanka and Archana discuss Nimrit's exit from the safe area. Tina and Shalin embrace each other. Priyanka said she agreed with Archana's selection criteria. Abdu embraces Nimrit. Tina is said to be difficult for Soundarya and Priyanka to understand.

Since Gautam departed, Soundarya claims she has been following him, according to Sajid. Nimrit, according to Shalin, will alter moving forward. Tina complains that she despises being nominated. Tina queries Archana over her choice of the former. Tina once ate two different kinds of chicken, which angered Archana.

Ankit claims that he occasionally believes Shalin and Tina are acting for the camera. Abdu laments that he has trouble understanding people and that most of the time, they merely discuss the game.

Shiv is informed by Abdu that he is depressed because he misses his parents. No one, according to Abdu, sat with him while he was depressed. Shiv claims that nobody noticed Abdu's sadness. Abdu claims that he feels excluded when other people speak in Hindi. Shiv apologises.

Shalin and Tina discuss how they complement each other's strengths. Tina took offence when Shalin claimed that he had tried to encourage others to lift her spirits while she was down. Unsurprisingly, the two quickly get into a fight. Sajid makes fun of Abdu for entering the wardrobe under the bed and claims that the latter is seeking attention.

Soundarya queries whether Shalin had a fight with Tina while he snoozes on the couch. Nimrit claims that she occasionally gets upset with them. Nimrit and her companions, according to Archana, cover up one another's errors. Nimrit always plays in the safe area, according to Archana. According to Nimrit, simply because she is patient does not make her weak. Shalin is asked to stay inside by Tina. Thanks to Tina, Shalin claims that he is comfortable sleeping there and won't get up from the couch.