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Bigg Boss 16 February 2, 2023 Written Update: As the nomination task gets brutal, Bigg Boss refuses to give the housemates ration

Shalin and Stan have a huge argument, in which the latter breaks down.

Bigg Boss 16 February 2, 2023 Written Update: As the nomination task gets brutal, Bigg Boss refuses to give the housemates ration

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 02.24 AM, Feb 03, 2023

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Shalin tells the mandali that he would be willing to sacrifice even them for the Rs 50 lakhs. Shiv and Stan talk about Shalin’s four houses, while the latter questions about Stan’s jewellery. Shalin says that he never said he was not rich. Stan talks about his own difficult past. Stan talks about how Shalin used to comment about the former’s style and outfits. Stan walks away soon, feeling bad. The rapper says that he feels like something bad will happen.

Shalin apologises to Stan, when the former becomes emotional while explaining his stance. The two say that they want only good things for each other. An emotional Stan is taken away by Shiv. Shalin and Stan again talk it out and sort things out. Shalin talks to Maahim, who ignores him, and says that everyone is showing him attitude.

Archana talks about how she will play like a ‘saand’ in the show. Shalin says that Archana’s power is in irritating people, and Priyanka jokingly agrees. Archana realises that the Mandali had taken away her soap. Priyanka and Archana argue over this. Nimrit and Shiv mock Archana. Priyanka starts breaking up soap to replace the one she lost.

Bigg Boss asks housemates to continue the previous day’s tasks. Team A is to hold onto the buzzer, while Team B have to make them lose their grip on the buzzer. The task gets gruelling as Team B puts turmeric powder and detergent water on Team A. Team B even tries to wax Stan’s legs. Archana puts frozen fish in Stan’s shirt. Nimrit starts crying and screaming in pain. Some people are even accidentally hit with the bucket.

Bigg Boss asks not to directly pour detergent powder on anyone. Sumbul yells about how wrong Team B is doing. Archana and Priyanka criticise Shalin for helping Team A. Bigg Boss criticises Priyanka for hitting Team A with a bucket, even accidentally. The task is declared a tie between Team A and Team B.

Sumbul takes care of Shiv and Stan, and pours eyedrops in their eyes. Sumbul and Shalin argue, with the former criticising the latter for letting the bucket slip and hit the Mandali. The Mandali talk about how wrong Team B did.

Archana tells Bigg Boss that despite having difficulties in the task, he had kept it all in, unlike the Mandali. Archana criticises Priyanka for going too light on Team A. Archana also criticises Shalin. Priyanka is called into the confession room by Bigg Boss.

Priyanka is questioned about what Archana said, about the former not playing the task properly. Bigg Boss questions if what Archana did, using chicken and fish in the task, was right. Priyanka says that it was wrong.

The Mandali and Shalin discuss how brutal the task was. Stan and Shalin argue, and Shiv becomes the mediator. Archana says that the fish she used had turned bad. Bigg Boss says that even though its ration day, he is upset at them wasting ration in the task. He announces that there will be no ration task or ration shopping today. The Mandali criticise Archana. Sumbul and Archana have a full blown argument. Archana apologises to Bigg Boss through cameras.

Nimrit announces a new task, where housemates are asked to feed chocolates to the housemate they made the best memories with.