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Bigg Boss 16 January 20 Written Update: Shalin Bhanot claims the show is getting on his nerves

Shalin Bhanot desires to leave Bigg Boss 16 voluntarily.

Bigg Boss 16 January 20 Written Update: Shalin Bhanot claims the show is getting on his nerves
Shalin Bhanot in Bigg Boss 16
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 02.19 AM, Jan 21, 2023


Shalin Bhanot goes to the rooftop to observe what is going on outside the Bigg Boss set to start Day 111 in the Bigg Boss 16 house. He examines the jungle and counts the bird species, thanks to Soundarya Sharma.

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is speaking with Mandali members. Nimrit has an argument with Shiv Thakare, and then Nimrit leaves. She also begs Shiv to refrain from challenging her. Shalin is informed by Soundarya that Shiv is highly unfavourable. Shiv is seen discussing Archana Gautam with Nimrit. Then Archana steps in between them. Nimrit emphasises that Archana didn't even take a position alongside her friend Soundarya.

Shalin Bhanot queries Nimrit on Shiv's silence. Shalin expresses Nimrit's feelings about Soundarya. Shalin claims that he and Tina Datta are friends, thus he is not referring to her specifically. After three minutes, he claims he can't stand Archana and Sumbul Touqeer Khan. He wants to leave or help her leave. Tina makes an effort to hear what they are saying. According to Nimrit, Tina's card changed from one of "love" to one of "hatred" and "sympathy." After that, Nimrit informs Soundarya that she does not wish to speak with Shalin.

Shiv and MC Stan make fitness-related jokes with Priyanka Chahar Chaudhry. Shalin, on the other hand, approaches Sumbul and offers to speak with him whenever she likes. Despite not being able to trust him, Sumbul agrees.

Shalin imagines Shehnaaz Gill's "boring day" as she sits by herself. "I sense you, Shehnaaz," he says. On the other side, Archana wishes she could be social and develop into a bakra on her own. She sobs because she didn't get the milk packet. Stan returns with Shiv and claims to be going to his "sakhi," Priyanka. Despite Tina's protests, Maahin consumes her rice and boiled eggs. Then she laments having only one egg to eat.

When an astrologer enters the home, he presents Archana with a rose. Shalin has been dubbed the most intriguing competitor. Girls are to blame for his demise. Shalin has Tina dosh, he claims. It is said that there are some issues with Tina's attitude. Despite her disagreement, she pays attention to what he says. He requests that she be carefree. The moon is to be contacted by Sumbul. She might end up winning the competition. Till 2026, Archana will enjoy renown. Her name is Kaali Zaban. At age 31, she will get hitched. Priyanka is unable to have her hair dyed golden or brown. She is urged not to continue dating Ankit Gupta. In her life, she abandoned Nimrit numerous times. Her moment of anxiousness is over. She is urged to be a little selfish. Shiv might get married at age 36, which would increase his notoriety. Before December 2024, he will receive a movie. This year, he will receive another reality show and finish in the top four. Every time Stan's integrity has been questioned, he has responded. He has to accept criticism while grinning. He will receive a smash hit that will set new records. He might also secure a foreign partnership. This year, he plans to release four songs, and he already has two finished. Booba and Stan plan to wed the following year. He may wed before September of this year or before August 25 of the following year. She wants a purse or some shoes. Gautam's friendship with Soundarya turns out to not be sincere. She has a charming face and is quite shrewd. Stan whispers to Shiv after hearing this. Soundarya is instructed to be polite and complete her tasks.

In their one-on-one meeting, the astrologer tells Shalin to toughen up. He has to do a lot of things, like take a cold shower. Archana is told to put politics aside. Shiv is unwilling to wed a Maharashtrian. Stan makes fun of the palmist. On the other side, Archana informs Priyanka that she will be getting a TV show. After giving it some thought, she answers Tina's question on whether she will find love.

Shalin requests that Bigg Boss summon him to the confession room. He admits to smoking outside the designated smoking area and begs Bigg Boss to give him a call. Finally, he gets a call. Then, Shalin reprimands Bigg Boss, claiming he has been itching to talk since yesterday. The only thing Bigg Boss will say in response is that the room is soundproof. Shalin declines to offer that information. Shalin declares he will play nicely and be content when Bigg Boss clarifies that it won't be off-grid. He discusses his mental health difficulties but rejects receiving psychiatric care. Shalin discusses his option to extend his contract through 15 weeks. He informs Bigg Boss that he will begin discussing everyone's contracts. They argue with each other. Shalin begins discussing Sumbul and Soundarya's MG and says everything incorrectly. Shalin eventually offers an apology. Shalin makes a call to Rohini, his attorney. He claims that the three days prior had an impact on his mental health. Shalin said that he loves the creators very much and will always owe them something.

Shalin requests that Bigg Boss allow him to leave voluntarily while the Mandalis are having fun. When Tina was away from the house, according to him, she spoke to her pals. Shalin claims that the show is starting to irritate him. While he's talking, the camera cuts to Tina, who says that everyone thinks she's wrong. Shalin claims he has no idea what is happening with Tina or even the other finalists. Even laughing and talking irritates him, he claims. Shalin is instructed by Bigg Boss to either return to the house once he is calm, visit a psychiatrist, or remain in his current chaotic state. Shalin claims to have one of Mumbai's most expensive trainers. He intends to leave tomorrow. Shalin claims that he is missing the purpose and that it is all an act for Bigg Boss. Shalin thinks he can win the competition. After Bigg Boss asks Shalin to mention someone who irritates him, he says it is a poor idea to speak with him. Tina's attacks on his family and character have him indignant. Bigg Boss tells Shalin to wait until the evictions happen before thinking about leaving on his own if he doesn't want to. Shalin claims that Bigg Boss is attempting to destroy his career. Before departing, he offers Bigg Boss his gratitude for the conversation. Shalin ultimately tells Bigg Boss about his predicament. Finally, Bigg Boss admits to Shalin that his emotions are normal. Shalin then makes a voluntary exit and does a U-turn.

Tina regrets Shalin's situation. He is asked by Archana if she was the reason Ankit left. Nimrit is entertaining to Shiv. Shalin and Soundarya are conversing in the background. Soundarya then refers to it as "pariksha" after Shalin claims to have finished four months.