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Bigg Boss 16 January 29 Written Update: Shalin Bhanot leaves no stone unturned in imitating Tina Datta

Shiv Thakare and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia nearly break apart, but they make up eventually.

Bigg Boss 16 January 29 Written Update: Shalin Bhanot leaves no stone unturned in imitating Tina Datta
Shekhar Suman in Bigg Boss 16 (Courtesy: ColorsTV/Twitter)
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Last Updated: 02.07 AM, Jan 30, 2023

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Archana Gautam and Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary talk about what happened with MC Stan on Day 118. Stan is informed by Shiv Thakare, on the other hand, that the truth doesn't require an explanation. When Priyanka learns this, she becomes enraged, and the two begin to have a cold war. Stan threatens to have them smell his socks as payment. In front of the cameras, Archana grumbles and says Sajid Khan is to blame for Stan's presence.

Stan reminds Priyanka about how she mistreated Shalin Bhanot during their argument. Stan mentions the "woman card." Shiv-Stan is referred to as "guru-chela" by Archana. As she exits the lavatory, Priyanka sings Teri Meri Dosti to Archana. She leaves as Priyanka and Stan continue to argue. They both refer to one another as losers. Stan and the Mandali make jokes about it as Archana and Priyanka keep yelling.

The confessional is then called to receive Shiv and Priyanka. He reminds them of the rules for the home, so they should stop others from breaking them. He releases them after praising their animosity. Touqeer Khan from Sumbul is content. Archana claims Bigg Boss makes her resilient, preventing her from becoming overly emotional. Shalin claims he received indications that Tina Datta was leaving. He tells about Rooh and how Tina had a ghost in one of her perfumes. The allocated skull is broken by Archana.

The morning after Tina leaves, Shalin feels optimistic. He then begins to act in order to explain what has happened to him with Tina on the stage. He's offered tea by Archana. Stan discusses with the mandali what Priyanka and Archana said about the mandali being a bully. The shayaris of Archana are back. She then addresses Shalin in front of Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia as "sumbdi mein kombdi."

Shalin performs "Something Something" and requests that Bigg Boss bring a guitar inside. On the other side, Archana queries Bigg Boss about his ability to survive without her. Shiv teases Shalin about his career of overacting and how well he performed it on Bigg Boss 16. Shalin wants to go as Stan begins to giggle. Filmmakers, according to Shiv's joke, will stand up for Shalin because they need an actor.

Nimrit is informed by Archana that she won't be making chicken for Shalin since she is very angry with him. She offers to negotiate a bargain with Shalin in which she will listen to a shayari in exchange for chicken. Shalin and Archana ultimately talk about the same. He makes it clear that his position will always be that he doesn't like Archana's shayari. "It's his good game," says Archana. Since Nimrit is sitting in a corner, unhappy, Shiv walks up and apologises to her. He invites her to join her in her seat. Shiv continues to stick by her side, even when she issues a warning to him.

Archana, on the other side, expresses his regret to Priyanka and talks about how Soundarya Sharma and Tina's reputations were damaged. As the conversation continues, Shalin interrupts and begs her to speak to her face. She then says that he is also trying to hurt the reputation of Priyanka Chahar Chaudhry. Shalin contends that Archana is referring to an evicted person. Shiv asks Nimrit if they are friends or best friends. Then, according to Archana, Shalin arrived at the set with a script.

Shekhar Suman discusses the evictions while she is here. He describes the mangoes as being "extremely chaalak" and claims that they are currently in the house. Tina Datta was urged to win the competition by Sreejita De, and Shiv-Stan was encouraged to do the same by Sajid Khan-Abdu Rozik. The topic of Stan's shoes has come up again. Priyanka's kamariya is compared to Stan's. Archana's English is also recalled. According to Shekhar, he was practising mentalism while he was away. According to the rapper, Nimrit and Sumbul took care of Stan, while Shiv gave him people-related advice. He considers Stan to be fortunate. Shekhar then quips that because of Archana, people were aware that Stan was wearing the towel rather than that it was just floating around. Nimrit describes Stan's cutout as being "extremely chaalak" as he leaves.

When Archana's cutout appears, she promises to make him listen to a shayari before departing. According to Shekhar, Archana was terrified of her own shayari. A chameleon genuinely made her frightened. Then Archana refers to Shalin as a chameleon. Shekhar claims that even the chameleon learns from Archana after Shiv spills the beans about her deal with Shalin. Shiv is the next victim. He thinks that, besides himself, Stan, Sumbul, Nimrit, and Priyanka also deserve to win.When asked for the full form of LLB, Nimrit declines. Sumbul is likened by Shekhar to a paper fan that follows the mandali as they move. When Nimrit is requested for the complete form of LLB, she declines. Shalin's explanation of LLB prompts Shekhar to make fun of it. Shalin enters during Shiv's cutout conversation. He won't give up. When Shalin is asked about his friend, he mentions the Mandali group.

The horn has returned. If the buzzer rings inside the house once more, Shalin threatens to smash the door and depart. Shekhar claims Tina is prepared to return to the house and is dressed better this time. Mann is the subject of a shayari from Archana. He then requests that everyone follow him by leaving. Then Archana cautions Shekhar.

Concerned about Archana, Stan and Shalin talk to Shiv about it. Her conversations in the restroom irritate Stan. Then, Archana assures Priyanka that their relationship will endure forever. Stan makes fun of Priyanka and Archana with Nimrit and Sumbul. Nimrit becomes agitated once more. Shiv-Stan is compared to Maahim by Sumbul. Archana says that Priyanka vibrates and gives electricity to the whole house. Priyanka, on the other hand, says that she engages the whole house.

Shiv, Stan, and Shalin discuss spirits. Their bodies will either become unexpectedly hot or cold, he claims. Rooh is called by Shalin. As soon as Shiv feels fear, he begins to chuckle. He worries that his strength won't be enough to overcome the opponent. Shiv and Stan close their eyes as Shalin makes jokes and chuckles about the spirits. Shalin inquires about Stan's hands, and he quips that he washed some garments. Shiv claims that there is an issue with Shalin's thinking as Stan and Shiv travel to Sumbul. He inquires about Shalin's character from Nimrit. He then chuckles and claims that he bullied Nimrit and Sumbul because Shiv and Stan were bullying Nimrit and Sumbul.

As the alarm goes off on Day 120, Archana and Priyanka are still speaking. Archana stated that she would apply makeup because Nimrit set up her belongings, and she does. Finally, everyone forms a line. Nimrit criticises Archana for her taunts after she makes them. If this is how Archana will act when she wakes up in the morning, Nimrit requests that she not call her a friend. Shalin and Nimrit then had a similar conversation. Archana responds that Nimrit ought to set an example when she claims she can't get up before the alarm.

Shiv admits that he and Stan gave up on everything for Shalin. "Who is Shalin?" Shiv asks the cameras, and as he rushes to Maahin, Shalin imitates Tina's performance. Then, Archana requests Bigg Boss' blessing to take a 30-minute nap. Stan becomes irate when he observes her sleeping. Shiv then conveys the same to Nimrit. Shiv also prods Archana in Nimrit's absence. Nimrit and her crew are then warned by Archana. When the kukudakoo sounds, Archana calls Bigg Boss. Nimrit returns to Archana and cautions her. Shiv and Stan are still talking as Shalin helps Nimrit. He just stands there until the door opens.

Sumbul reads the time on Shiv's face and tells the mandali it is twelve. Nimrit loses it once more as Shiv makes fun of Sumbul and Soundarys's name is brought up. Nimrit describes Shiv's humour as a dispute. In his honour, she folds her hands.

Nimrit orders Shalin to go when he tries to take a piece. Shiv declines to support Nimrit's plan for the Mandali. Shalin drags himself into the situation, but despite their requests, Shiv, Sumbul, Stan, and Shiv carry on with their work and leave. Shiv speaks with Sumbul separately as Nimrit serves Stan. Before expressing her sentiments, Nimrit claims she must consider them a hundred times. She asserts that she cannot always act like a child.

Soon later, when Shiv and Shalin attempt to peep outside of Bigg Boss's house, he issues a warning. Shiv eventually falls asleep, and the kukudakoo sounds. Nimrit returns to Archana, who is still dissatisfied with the situation. Shiv and Nimrit finally reconcile with an embrace. Stan claims that Shalin gets into everything, so she wants to stay away from him.

When Tina sought to complain to Bigg Boss, Archana says, Tina departed. Shalin talks about how he fell in love in Jabalpur during the STD era, just like Nimrit and Priyanka. Hearing his love story has Shiv and Stan in fits of laughter. Shalin recalls how her parents resisted arranging for her to marry an actor. Shiv is startled when Shalin says that nothing occurred during their four-year relationship. Stan then exercises with the pocha. He receives a compliment from Sumbul, and the episode is over.