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Bigg Boss 16 November 2, 2022 Highlights: Gautam is taken to court over his relationships with Soundarya and Shalin

Ankit and Priyanka have a huge argument.

Bigg Boss 16 November 2, 2022 Highlights: Gautam is taken to court over his relationships with Soundarya and Shalin

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 05.35 PM, Nov 02, 2022

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A number of relationships in the Bigg Boss 16 house were put to the test in the latest episode of the show. While Gautam had to argue in court to defend the authenticity of his relationship with Soundarya and his friendship with Shalin, Priyanka and Ankit experienced a rift in their relationship.

Here’s all that happened:

Day 31, 8:00 PM IST

Ankit tries to talk to Priyanka, while the latter says she doesn't want to talk, saying that he doesn't exist for her and vice versa. Ankit leaves in a huff, while Priyanka cries. Sajid tries to comfort a crying Priyanka and calls Ankit ‘bakwaas’. Sajid tries to mend the rift between the two friends. She says Ankit is pretending to care for her.

Abdu teases Soundarya with Gautam’s name.

Day 31, 11:30 PM IST

Ankit and Priyanka continue their argument. Priyanka asks Ankit not to expect anything from her, and Ankit threatens to expose Priyanka’s old secrets in front of the camera. The actress becomes furious and asks him not to threaten her. Ankit says Priyanka never accepts her mistakes. Priyanka says she will never talk to Ankit ever again. She says that she was an idiot to be friends with Ankit.

Gori comforts Priyanka, who breaks down talking about what Ankit sais about exposing her. Priyanka talks about how she and Ankit had not talked for almost 5 months before, when she refused to go to him. In the end, the two hug it out and become friends again.

Shalin, Tina, Nimrit and Sumbul say that Ankit and Priyanka might be more than friends. They say that they engage in too much PDA.

Day 32, 8:45 AM IST

Shiv and Archana talk about Shalin and Tina. Archana says that what they have is attachment and nothing else.

Day 32, 1:00 PM IST

Sajid notices that Stan seems to be very somber. Abdu also notices this, along with Shiv.

Day 32, 2:00 PM IST

The phone rings and Sumbul takes it up, getting an earful from Bigg Boss. Gautam takes the phone, and the supreme declares that he is fired from captaincy. The housemates assemble at the living area.

Archana says that everyone made her bathroom really messy, and Bigg Boss corrects that it's not her own bathroom. The Bigg Boss asks why Archana always comes to the living room assembly last every time.

Bigg Boss reminds how he had taken the captaincy because he wanted to prove the validity of her relationship with Soundarya, and being safe from nomination. The supreme says that Gautam only concentrated on Soundarya only, and fires Gautam because of this. Bigg Boss gives the ration back.

Day 31, 2:15 PM IST

Nimrit and Shiv also talk about why Stan was so sad. Stan and Gautam talk about how Shiv always talks about food and makes school jokes.

Day 31, 3:00 PM IST

The Bigg Boss house court begins, and Ankit and Gori are declared judges, while Nimrit and Stan are lawyers. Gautam is the accuser, and Stan is his lawyer, while Nimrit will argue against Gautam.

The first accusation is that Gautam and Soundarya’s relationship is fake, and for the cameras only. Nimrit discusses her arguments with Shiv and Tina. Stan also discusses his arguments with Gautam and Sajid.

Bigg Boss scolds Soundarya for speaking in English and whispering to Gautam. She reveals that she had said ‘this is what they were playing for’ in relation to her eviction. Bigg Boss says that there will be no more vegan rations in the house, as punishment for Soundarya.

Shalin is the first witness, called by Nimrit. Stan calls Sajid, and asks why he thinks that Soundarya and Gautam’s love is true. Nimrit calls Shiv, who says that they had stayed together to prove people who called them fake, wrong. Stan calls Gautam next, who talks about how Shalin had initially suggested a ‘love angle’. Soon yelling breaks out between Gautam and Nimrit. Archana is called by Nimrit. Soundarya takes the stand, and she talks about how genuine her love is. Bigg Boss is pleased with the proceedings, and gives back the ration.

Day 31, 5:00 PM IST

Archana, Gautam and Priyanka argue yet again about Gautam’s ‘love’ for Archana.

Sajid and Archana argue over the division of duties. Shiv also scolds Archana.

Day 31, 6:00 PM IST

The next activity is about to start. Bigg Boss fires Stan from the defense lawyer position, and appoints Soundarya in his place. The judges are also fired, and Priyanka and Tina are the new judges. Stan and Shiv argue as well.

The court is in session yet again, and the new case is about Shalin and Gautam’s friendship. Shalin talks about how he never nominated Gautam, while Gautam did. Shalin also alleges that Gautam did not approach to talk to him even once in the 12 days they did not talk. Gautam says that the nomination was because of his captaincy responsibilities, and for the second, he dragged the incident with Sumbul.

Day 31, 7:30 PM IST

After closing arguments, Tina and Priyanka decide that Nimrit won the case, and the latter wins the special reward and distributes the ration.

Gori and Stan band together against Shiv.

Day 31, 8:00 PM IST

Gautam and Shalin argue over the court’s decision about their friendship.