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Bigg Boss 16 November 22, 2022 LIVE Updates: Archana Gautam picks a fight with Tina Datta, Shalin Bhanot says her lifelines are over

The nominations for evictions task are here.

Bigg Boss 16 November 22, 2022 LIVE Updates: Archana Gautam picks a fight with Tina Datta, Shalin Bhanot says her lifelines are over
Bigg Boss 16.
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 06.01 PM, Nov 22, 2022


The nomination task is here. It is also the first day since Shiv Thakare became the captain again. Will Archana Gautam create more issues? What will happen?

Find out everything that happened in the episode...

November 22, 2022 10:47 PM IST

Archana and Shiv get into an argument. Stan and Abdu come to support Shiv. The captain then warns Archana again over their last incident. Archana also cannot stop screaming. Shiv feels she's irritated because she's nominated.

Sajid comes and says Archana ensures every captain gets angry. Soon, Abdu requests Bigg Boss to treat Shiv. Sajid then asks Abdu to do somersault on the sofa. When Abdu gives the task back to Sajid, he says he would teach Abdu a lesson and the two have a fun moment.

Archana and Soundarya complain about the foul smell thanks to old dhaniya. Soundarya motivates Archana to make Tina smell the food. As Tina and Nimrit ask Archana to get out, she leaves the garbage bag in the room. The two throw it out, in the kitchen. There's an argument and Shiv interferes. He also asks Archana not to do something like that at night in others' room. During the argument, Soundarya defends Archana saying they told her get out. Shalin and Shiv discuss that Archana's lifelines are over. Meanwhile, Archana laughs recalling that she kept the garbage bag in Tina's room so she could smell it. The episode ends on that note.

November 22, 2022 10:34 PM IST

Tina and Shalin give each other a hug. He then asks him not to blame her, when he asks her if he can talk to Sumbul. Bigg Boss stops them and makes Tina realize that the gas is on. Priyanka and Archana then take the opportunity of the situation. Shalin asks Bigg Boss to ask Tina to forgive him. Tina accuses Shalin of having feelings for Soundarya. The two have an argument and say they are sick and tired of things. Tina murmurs that Shalin is playing a game with her.

Shalin is then seen talking to Sumbul. He says that he hasn't scolded Sumbul as much as he has done Tina. Soundarya then comes to talk to Abdu and after an argument, there's a slight hint of flirting.

As Soundarya discusses the matter with Priyanka, Bigg Boss asks Priyanka to wake Archana up. She has to stand in the living area. Bigg Boss gets sarcastic with Archana. He says she is influenced by Ankit. She is punished and has to tell every contestant that she doesn't understand Bigg Boss.

Archana forgets how to apologize and laughs. Ankit reminds her and refuses to forgive her.

Shalin apologizes to Tina and she forgives him.

November 22, 2022 10:20 PM IST

Tina Datta is next. She saves Sajid Khan and kills Ankit Gupta in nomination task. Thus, Ankit is nominated. Archana Gautam thanks Tina and Shiv Thakare says that if Sajid was out, Ankit would be safe again.

The third round is Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia picking between Shalin Bhanot and Sumbul Touqeer Khan. Shalin makes expressions on hearing so. Abdu Rozik then goes to Nimrit. As Shalin gets his jacket, Tina points it out. Tina listens to them with Abdu and Ankit, standing outside the room. Nimrit rejects their items. Meanwhile, Tina and Abdu go to complain about Abdu being obsessed with Nimrit. She asks them to get out.

Meanwhile, Sumbul and Shalin have an argument before going back in the room. As they talk, the buzzer goes off.

Soundarya Sharma asks Sajid to talk to Shiv. He agrees while not promising anything. Soundarya wants to get Abdu nominated. Nimrit is stressed about her decision but picks Shalin over Sumbul. As Sumbul gets nominated, tears flow.

Shalin comes to talk to Nimrit after the task. Shiv jokes that Shalin brings out issues even when saved. Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary jokes that Sumbul sitting by the pool is the lucky charm.

Shiv has to choose between Abdu and Soundarya next. Sajid joins them, followed by PriyAnkit, Sumbul, MC Stan and Nimrit. Shiv rejects their items and when they come back, Abdu mocks Soundarya as sad after Gautam Singh Vig's eviction. When Soundarya brings out his language barrier, Abdu argues loudly. As expected, Shiv picks Abdu over Soundarya.

Meanwhile, Shalin feels he wouldn't do wrong with Nimrit. The latter says that they should spend time one-on-one.

Archana, Ankit, Sumbul, Soundarya and Stan are nominated.

November 22, 2022 10:05 PM IST

Sumbul then comes to talk to Archana about what she did. Archana and Priyanka question Sumbul who works more.

Abdu Rozik wants the chocolates and does everything to open it. Ankit Gupta and Abdu have a moment when the former faints seeing the latter in a towel. Sajid is pissed that Ankit plays with Abdu about such cute gestures. Abdu checks Stan's pockets for keys and gets the whole room upside-down. Abdu then tries to take the keys from Shiv, who stops it.

Tina comes to Shalin and says someone is constantly staring. She is talking about Sumbul. Shalin is confused and Tina asks him to leave. Soon, the two have an argument and Shalin apologizes. When he comapres Tina to Soundarya, she gets even more frustrated. Archana talks about didi and Bigg Boss stops her.

A new task is here. The nominations task is here. Shiv, Nimrit and Tina have to kill the contestants they want to evict. MC Stan cannot participate in the task. Shiv has to choose between Priyanka and Archana for evictions. Abdu approaches him instead, first. Abdu, Sajid and Nimrit feel he will kill Priyanka. He, however, kills Archana. With that, Archana's belongings go to the bin.

November 22, 2022 09:45 PM IST

The new episode of Bigg Boss 16 commences with Tina Datta asking Shiv Thakare to assign Archana Gautam the toilet duty. Archana, on the other hand, tells PriyAnkit about the bedsheet scenario. She questions Tina as a unique celebrity. She promises to be behind their backs after breakfast.

Archana then taunts Tina through Soundarya Sharma. Tina says she would clean the rooms. Archana refuses to clean the rooms and says nobody works the way Sumbul does. Archana goes to Sajid, who questions why is she targetting Tina in the morning. A frustrated Tina abuses Archana as going to argue with her. Meanwhile, Archana goes to Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary and laughs for irking Tina. As Shalin goes to talk to Tina, she calls out Sumbul. She walks in and Tina argues with her again.

While Priyanka and Archana joke, Shalin encourages Sumbul saying he, Tina and Sumbul are the strongest contestants. Meanwhile, Tina comes in and keeps screaming about hygiene. Sumbul then says their bond was called out on Weekend Ka Vaar again. She gets emotional recalling that and saying that she wouldn't stand with Tina, who has accused her again-and-again. Sumbul questions Shalin if he checked up on her after everything that happened between them. She says he and Tina were having fun instead of checking up on her. Shalin says he was being a friend but Sumbul says she's scared of being a friend. Shalin walks out of the conversation and Archana loves it. When Shalin talks to Tina and Nimrit, Tina promises to make Sumbul's life hell.