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Bigg Boss 16 November 6 Written Update: Abdu Rozik once again calls Archana Gautam a 'stupid dog'

Sumbul Toqeer Khan is called out by Archana Gautam. At midnight, they get into a brawl. The captain, Abdu Rozik, quickly becomes enraged by everyone. Particularly Archana takes the initiative by assuming Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia's name.

Bigg Boss 16 November 6 Written Update: Abdu Rozik once again calls Archana Gautam a 'stupid dog'
Bigg Boss 16 - November 6 - Written Update
  • Aishwarya Vasudevan

Last Updated: 01.47 AM, Nov 07, 2022

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The latest episode of Bigg Boss 16 opens with Archana Gautam requesting Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot refrain from using the restroom because it seems very improper. According to Tina, no one is, so Archana needs to think before she speaks. Regarding the buzzer round, Gautam Singh Vig is seen speaking with Priyanka, Ankit, and Gori Nagori. Gautam claims he was unaware that the reward money had been reduced by Rs. 25 lakh.

After that, Archana and Sumbul Touqeer Khan can be seen fighting. Sumbul, according to Archana, is unable to advance further within the Bigg Boss house. Tina argues in her favour by claiming that Bigg Boss contacted Sumbul regarding the show. Contrarily, Soundarya requests that Archana avoid lingering on the subject. After Sumbul, Archana and Tina get into a fight as well.

Archana shouts at midnight after previously causing commotion there, and Shiv Thakare and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia attempt to warn her. Tina contributes. Then Archana makes fun of Tina and Shalin. Shalin then goes and torments Archana. The latter claims that Shalin kissed Tina, and the TV star is incensed. Shalin interrupts her and informs her that Archana has even singled out Nimrit.

Gautam is then told by Shalin that Archana has been prolonging his incident. Before Soundarya and Gautam even approach Archana to speak with her, she yells at them. Additionally, Archana and Shalin argue verbally.

Sumbul is annoyed when Archana inserts his father into the discourse. Tina stops Sumbul when she stands up on Archana's bed. Despite being on her side, Priyanka Chahar Chaudhry also intervenes to stop Archana.

Shalin, Tina, and Sumbul then protest by going to the restroom. Both Shalin and Tina embrace, as do Shalin and Sumbul. Soon after, the trio give a group hug in front of the camera. Gautam pledges to return it the next day. The following day begins, and Tina is already annoyed by Shalin's attitude. She then engages Bigg Boss in a video conversation. On the other side, Archana converses with Abdu Rozik. On the other hand, Tina, Nimrit, and Sumbul's battles make Sajid Khan giggle.

Gori discusses MC Stan with Gautam, and he also discusses Gautam with Shiv and Nimrit. Soon later, Shalin and Shiv receive punishment from Abdu and are imprisoned. When Nimrit assists them, Abdu extends the sentence and imprisons her as well. Then, they receive an hour. He is praised by the trio, and he then frees them.

Then Tina requests from Abdu to return Shalin to prison. When Tina says this, he grabs her hand and encircles her in a bear embrace. After discussing rations with Sajid and Stan, the latter engages in combat. Sajid loses it with her as well. He talks to Abdu about a previous incident and requests that Abdu say that the punishment will be two hours in jail.

Tina and Shalin talk about his jacket wandering around the house. Every day, Abdu makes jokes about chores with the other residents. He loses it when Archana prods him over Nimrit. Abdu goes to Shiv to complain about it. He then tells Tina and Shalin what happened and tells Priyanka that she should never help Archana with her duties.

After screaming at Archana, Abdu turns and leaves. Along with Gori, Priyanka, Ankit, and Gautam-Soundarya, Archana plots. Sajid and Shiv are informed by Stan that he doesn't want anyone to know who he is. When Abdu enters, he says that if he made a mistake, he should admit it openly.

Archana explains to Gautam and Soundarya that despite her support for Abdu as captain, he only responded negatively to her. Shalin soon compliments Archana on her tea, and Abdu wonders why she made it when it wasn't her responsibility. She confronts him.

When the kukudakoo goes off, Archana once again accuses Nimrit. Nimrit is doing laundry. Abdu taunts Archana in a rage and then walks to Nimrit. Archana declares she doesn't care until Gori stops her. Archana is targeted for arrest by Abdu, who deems her a fool. He screams at her, startling everyone. Shiv encourages Abdu and threatens to annoy Archana if she persists. Nimrit, Sumbul, Shalin, and Tina follow Abdu as he hurls his microphone in a fit of rage.

When Abdu returns, he asks Bigg Boss how he invited Archana into the house. Shalin, too, becomes enraged at Archana. While others help Abdu feel more at ease, Shiv remains back to deliver it to her. Nimrit is condemned by Archana and Soundarya for having Abdu believe that she is his lover. Then, Archana declares that Nimrit is her next victim.

Abdu delegated new tasks. Shiv makes fun of Archana, but she is already going about her business. This results in a humorous situation. In front of the mirror, Archana plays the role of a heroine. After viewing that, Abdu and Stan laugh.

When Priyanka and Ankit fall asleep, the kukudukoo truly sounds. In time, Abdu halts them. Additionally, he stops Archana, and when she doesn't pay attention, he requests that Bigg Boss play kukudakoo in the two-person room.

Abdu informs his squad in a rage that Archana isn't paying attention to him. Shiv approaches her to reason with her. Tina continues by telling him that she won't stand up. Shiv loses his cool when he attempts to stop her because of Archana's language. Shalin and Nimrit arrive, and Tina predicts that Archana will succeed. Stan also joins.

Again, Abdu refers to Archana as "a stupid dog." Everyone asks the captain to depart after noticing this. Shiv wants to give it back because she irritates everyone, but Shalin prevents him. Shalin is the target of Abdu's ire when he tries to talk to her about it. After that, he yells about the circumstances and threatens to kill her if he were upset in real life.

Archana chuckles as she mentions Tina's film work. Shalin offers Abdu a hug and cries with him while Abdu sobs. Sajid tells Abdu that Archana is a "nuisance" who cannot win and refers to her as a "witch on the broom." Abdu is told to concentrate on his objective.

Shalin continues to talk about chicken, and Priyanka teases Ankit. Shalin claims he won't request chicken any longer, and Tina asks him to discuss this with Bigg Boss. A new mission is announced by Nimrit. It was won by Priyanka, Sumbul, and Nimrit. Archana then claims to be envious and inquires as to whether Bigg Boss can see her makeup. Gori overhears Soundarya discussing Tina-Shalin, and Bigg Boss tells her not to whisper. As she converses with Nimrit, Tina also receives a warning.

Priyanka queries Sumbul as to whether Tina's silence is a result of her taking Tina's place. Gori later meets with Sajid to discuss any misunderstandings. He receives her apology.