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Bigg Boss 16’s Gautam Singh Vig on Tina Datta: She’s jealous because Shalin Bhanot-Soundarya Sharma are friends again

Gautam Singh Vig questioned why wasn't the topic raised while he was inside the Bigg Boss 16 house.

Bigg Boss 16’s Gautam Singh Vig on Tina Datta: She’s jealous because Shalin Bhanot-Soundarya Sharma are friends again
Gautam Singh Vig/Instagram

Last Updated: 10.55 PM, Jan 22, 2023


Bigg Boss 16 Shanivaar Ka Vaar with Salman Khan saw a rather interesting turn. Once again, Soundarya Sharma’s name was dragged through the mud, courtesy Shalin Bhanot-Tina Datta. It did not end with them. Ex-contestant Gautam Singh Vig, who was in a relationship with Soundarya on the show, was also mentioned once again.

Salman had asked Tina and Shalin to give their stance about one another and in between that, Soundarya’s Dubai topic and Gautam’s name was dragged. The Junooniyatt actor has now given his point of view on the whole matter, including where his relationship with Soundarya stands currently.

Shalin and Tina dragged Gautam’s name and accused the actor of talking about Soundarya’s visits to Dubai. Shalin called it distasteful and apologized to Soundarya during the episode.

Gautam has now given his point of view in the matter. He claims that Shalin and he were having a conversation about another friend which is when Soundarya heard about the friend and claimed that she knew the common friend. Gautam reveals that he even asked Soundarya if there was something between her and the male friend, to which Soundarya said they were only friends. Gautam further claims that Shalin also denied whether Soundarya was in a relationship with the friend.

In fact, Gautam went on to add that Shalin wanted to talk to Gautam about Soundarya and the things he knows and has heard about her. Shalin told Gautam that they would talk on the matter outside the house. Since Shalin isn’t yet evicted, the conversation did not happen.

Gautam is left confused as to why people have been dragging his name in the matter. “It’s sad to see a woman talk ill about another woman. Tina is jealous because Soundarya and Shalin are becoming friends again,” he told ETimes, adding that it is the frustration since everyone has run out of topics.

The actor agreed that he met Shalin before Bigg Boss 16 but not like everyone claimed. Gautam did not reveal whether he and Shalin spoke on call before getting on the show but did say that they met at a common friend’s party four months before Bigg Boss 16 happened. With that, he also claimed that he didn’t know Soundarya from outside and met her only in the house.

Soundarya had recently claimed that things turned sour between her and Gautam. She dragged Sreejita De’s name to it. Now evicted, Sreejita met Gautam and told him about ruining his game because of Soundarya, Gautam spilled in the interview. He has been hearing rumours about Soundarya already dating someone outside the house, before she even met him. He feels that Soundarya is affected because of the game and he isn’t even there to defend himself. The actor questioned why didn’t anybody talk about him while he was inside the house.

“Mirch masala laga kar usne ghar ke andar bola hai and that talks about her personality,” Gautam said about Soundarya, further adding that he will clarify their relationship status once she’s outside the house. He refuses to take the blame for something he hasn’t said and the first thing he hopes to do is talk to Soundarya about the matter and get clarity on things, including where they stand.

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