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Bigg Boss Kannada OTT: Week 2 nominations are in, who will you save this time?

Sonu Gowda has been nominated yet again, as also are Rakesh and Somanna, among others

Bigg Boss Kannada OTT: Week 2 nominations are in, who will you save this time?
Nandini is fast becoming a fan favourite
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Last Updated: 03.27 PM, Aug 15, 2022


A new week and a new set of nominations have emerged on Bigg Boss Kannada OTT. With Lokesh Kumar still out on medical leave and unsure of return and Kiran Yogeshwar eliminated at the end of week 1, the house is already down by two members.

As part of the tasks in the house, Nandini, Sonu Srinivas Gowda, Spoorthy Gowda, Sanya Iyer, Jayashree Aradhya, Somanna Machimada, Rakesh Adiga and Aryavardhan were nominated for elimination in week 2. While a lack of bonding in the house was cited as reason for some of the nominated contestants, in the case of Rakesh, Sonu, Nandini, Somanna and Aryavardhan, the nomination happened because they are considered frontrunners and, therefore, tough competition.

In fact, since being considered a separate individual contestant on the show, Nandini has been slowly but steadily garnering support among audiences. Netizens are hailing her outstanding performance in the house in dealing with people or during tasks. While #RakeshIsTheBoss is still the fan favourite hashtag on social media, #NandiniIsTheBoss is fast catching up.

“Probably the active and energetic contestant right now is Nandu. She is full of energy!” wrote one user. Another added, “Dear God,please protect people like Nandu. Girls like that are rare💫❤️.”

“Jashwanth and nandini already did roadies. They know very well how reality shows work,” wrote a user. To which another added, “Nandini is the strongest female contestant in the house now!”

Meanwhile, if the buzz on social media is anything to go by, house captain Arjun is garnering more hate than love for the way he has been conducting himself. “I guess Arjun is preparing everybody to nominate Roopesh as Kalape for this week! Can't wait to see how his backbitching hits back!” was one comment. “Ee Arjun sahavasa dinda guruji yeno yadavattu madkolo lakshana kanistide 😁”, added another.