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Bigg Boss Malayalam season 4: Here is the full list of contestants on the Mohanlal-hosted show

The reality show premiered yesterday and is available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 07.04 AM, Mar 28, 2022

Bigg Boss Malayalam season 4: Here is the full list of contestants on the Mohanlal-hosted show

The fourth season of popular Malayalam reality show Bigg Boss had its colourful premiere yesterday, hosted by Mohanlal. The makers finally unveiled the 17 contestants who are to spend 100 days in the Bigg Boss house this season, under 24/7 monitoring. Here is the full list of contestants on the show:

Naveen Arakkal

While introducing the first contestant, Mohanlal announced how he had wanted to be a part of Bigg Boss since its very first season. One of his favourite places to be at was the gym, but Mohanlal assured viewers that the contestant in question was not a bodybuilder, but an actor, and introduced Naveen Arakkal. The actor is a prominent figure on the small screen, being a part of several Malayalam series. Although the lack of a proper gym at the house threw Arakkal off, he assured everyone that he could make do without it. He also revealed that he had shared the screen with Mohanlal in Kandahar (2010).

Janaki Sudheer

Janaki Sudheer was introduced as an independent self made girl; someone who had such an ardent passion for acting that she left her home in pursuit of it. She said that she came on the show to represent her ‘community’ of struggling actors still shy to take their craft forward.

Lakshmi Priya

Also an actress, Lakshmi Priya, teased that although she has been open about her life till this point, Bigg Boss would give viewers a window into what she is like in her everyday, personal life. She also said that the show might help her figure herself out more.

Dr Robin Radhakrishnan

Motivational speaker, social media influencer and doctor Robin Radhakrishnan was announced as the fourth contestant on the show, becoming the first doctor to make a foray into the house.

Dhanya Mary Varghese

Actress Dhanya Mary Varghese is perhaps best known among Malayalees for her role in the series Seetha Kalyanam. She had also shared the screen with Mohanlal in Pranayam

Shalini Nair

Anchor and model Shalini Nair was the sixth contestant on the show. Viewers got a glimpse of her emotional journey on the show, and her family and her life as a single mother.

Jasmine M Moosa

Fitness coach Jasmine M Moosa recounted her journey, and the moments of abuse and hardships she had to go through over the course of her first two marriages. As with Arakkal, one of her main concerns too was the state of the gym in the house.


A former lawyer, comedian Akhil had emerged as the winner of the comedy skit reality show, Comedy Stars, in its previous season.

Daisy David

Fashion Photographer and businesswoman Daisy David said she wanted to make a difference in the life of photographers like herself, which she already does through her female oriented photography business.She is the granddaughter of actress Philomina.

Ronson Vincent

Son of actor Rony Vincent, Ronson Vincent is known among Malayalis for his television roles. On his entry into the Bigg Boss house, Ronson said that one of the things he’s most worried about is the food there, saying that there’s a big chance that if he’s eliminated it would be because he couldn’t handle the food there.


Described by Mohanlal as a ‘vibrant young girl from Bangalore’, Nimisha was a finalist in the 2021 Miss Kerala pageant. A model and fitness enthusiast, Nimisha talked of her experience being body shamed and revealed that one of her biggest desires was to work on a film.

Aswin Vijay

A mentalist and magician with world records to his name Aswin Vijay was announced as the 12th contestant on the show. He recounted his personal story of how magic helped him overcome the pain of losing his loved ones at a young age.

Aparna Mulberry

American born Aparna Mulberry made a name for herself as an English tutor and social media influencer who is also well versed in Malayalam as well.

Sooraj Thelakkad

Sooraj Thelakkad was a contestant that a lot of people hoped to be on the show this season. A mimicry artist and comedian, Suraj has also acted in films as well, such as Android Kunjappan.


Musician and singer Blesslee was announced as the 15th contestant on the show. He treated audiences to a special performance of one of his songs. He also said that he wanted to spread joy among Malayalees with his artistry and also performed a song he made for the show.

Dilsha Prasannan

Dancer and IT professional Dilsha Prasannan is not a novice to the world of reality television. A skilled dancer as well, she had been a contestant on D4Dance and Dare the Fear as well. She had also been a part of a series on Asianet, Kaanakannmani.

Suchithra Nair

Actress Suchithra Nair is perhaps best known among Malayalees for her television roles, most recently on the show Vaanampaadi. She has also been an anchor on reality shows such as Start Music.