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Bigg Boss OTT 2 July 25, 2023 Written Update: Aashika Bhatia-Manisha Rani nominated for evictions

Pooja Bhatt is the new captain of the house

Bigg Boss OTT 2 July 25, 2023 Written Update: Aashika Bhatia-Manisha Rani nominated for evictions
Pic Courtesy: Official Instagram Account of Pooja Bhatt

Last Updated: 11.35 PM, Jul 25, 2023


Here's everything that happened in the episode...

July 25, 2023 10:00 PM IST

Bebika talks to Jiya about her equation with Abhishek. Meanwhile, Abhishek talks to Elvish about how a person changes thanks to the people they stay with. He cites the example of how Pooja was once influenced by Bebika.

Manisha tells Aashika about why she's furious. Abhishek calls Bebika badi bua and the two have a fun fight, involving pillows, again. Pooja calls Bebika out for her behaviour. Bebika then walks out as Abhishek's group comes together. Pooja comes and Bebika questions her.

Elvish, Manisha and Aashika then discuss Pooja's moving of giving Abhishek the green apple. Aashika then friendzones Abhishek. She then talks about her switch for Elvish. Manisha gives her speech too and breaks down while talking about Abhishek.

Manisha tells Jad that he will become more handsome after talking to her. She makes him say, "Hum aap par marte hai."

Avinash Sachdev jokes that Bebika Dhurve's skincare routine looks like a massage. Pooja mimics so and Bebika laughs with Avinash.

July 25, 2023 09:30 PM IST

A new task is here. It is the nomination task. Contestants have to feed the ones they want to nominate a red apple. Pooja can participate in the task but cannot get nominated since she is the captain of the house. The one to eat the green apple will also be as safe as her. She picks Abhishek for the green apple.

Jad gets three nomination rights. He picks Aashika for being 'quick to judge,' Manisha for not being clear enough and Elvish, to test him. Aashika picks Jad. Elvish and Abhishek pick Bebika. Avinash picks Manisha and Aashika. Manisha picks Avinash and Jiya. Jiya nominates Manisha and Aashika. Bebika nominates Elvish for being overly judgemental and critical, Manisha for 'being fake' and Aashika for being too influenced. Aashika and Manisha are thus nominated for evictions. Abhishek then tells Elvish that Manisha's X-factor has now almost disappeared. As Manisha and Aashika sit together, Abhishek calls them the villains of the house. Aashika calls Pooja biased for the decision. Aashika hoped that she would've rather nominated Avinash than Jad.

Elvish and Abhishek confront Bebika. They then remember how no one nominated Jiya, except Manisha. Abhishek asks Bebika if it was revenge.

Jiya handfeeds Abhishek. Bebika gives them #AbhiYa and wants them to date outside the house. Abhishek jokes that they would divorce in five years. Abhishek then says 'Jiya aur uske badalte haseen rishte.'

Pooja discusses Aashika's reaction with Jiya and Avinash. Manisha doesn't want to talk to the other group and taunts Jad, while also claiming how she didn't nominate him despite it all. Elvish gets bored and takes a nap, only to get a warning from Bigg Boss for not keeping the mic in place. Elvish then gives it back to Bigg Boss. He then calls everyone good and asks Bigg Boss to get him out of the house.

July 25, 2023 09:00 PM IST

Day 38 commences with the Bigg Boss OTT 2 contestants waking up to Wakhra Swag. Aashika Bhatia says she doesn't want a YouTuber in life.

Pooja Bhatt then discusses how she is treated in the house, with Avinash Sachdev. The kukudooku goes off meanwhile since Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav both fall asleep.

Pooja, the captain of the house, asks Abhishek not to embarass her. She then taunts Aashika for not doing her work despite five reminders. Pooja taunts that she need 14 hours of sleep now. Manisha Rani then talks about Pooja sharing the blame with her and Aashika.

Manisha apologizes to Bebika Dhurve for dragging her parents in the argument. Abhishek, on the other hand, tells Jad that he should have spoken to him rather than involving Pooja. Jad says the way he approaches problems and finds solutions is different from Abhishek and thus, the differences.

Abhishek asks Aashika to improve her ways and be organized. She gets upset since everybody has taken one incident and dragged it. She calls Jad crazy and mad, while saying that she isn't like Ghajini. Abhishek calls her kaleshi in front of Elvish and Jiya Shankar too. Elvish jokes that Abhishek doesn't like her clothes and as Abhishek and Elvish taunt Aashika, she walks out and talks to Bebika.

When Aashika asks Jad how much time left for gymming, he gets irritated. Aashika complains as Jad takes two hours to workout. Aashika and Jad have an argument after he gets done with his workout. She loses her calm since she couldn't smoke as he works out. He walks out calling it disrespectful. Abhishek tells Jad that he asked her to adjust. Jad points out how he doesn't bother her with how much time left for smoking and thus, she shouldn't either. Abhishek assures Jad he will handle it. Manisha tells Aashika that she should have gone to smoke anyway. Aashika walks out as Abhishek and Elvish join them to discuss the matter.

Pooja tries to talk to Aashika and asks her to cry. The latter says she's tired. Pooja suggests not to blend in and get lost because it's the biggest myth. Aashika and Jad then clear the air. He says he wasn't trying to be disrespectful to her.

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