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Bigg Boss OTT 2 July 6, 2023 Highlights: Bebika REFUSES to make food specifically for two people

Will captain Jiya Sharma be able to tame Bebika and her unleashed tongue is what remains to be seen

Bigg Boss OTT 2 July 6, 2023 Highlights: Bebika REFUSES to make food specifically for two people
Bebika refuses to make food for two people

Last Updated: 12.37 PM, Jul 25, 2023


The day started off with a ‘heated discussion’ of 'dal' between 

Abhishek tells that, he will help in the kitchen in making food, but, Jiya has to be taken off kitchen duties. Jiya Sharma tells Bebika to go off kitchen duties and start washing utensils. To which, Bebika strongly objects and challenges that she will not change her duties and tells Jiya, “Koi mujhe hata ke dikhaaye”.

Cyrus tells Bebika to ignore the ones who she doesn’t like talking to, but, that she should not show that anger on food. Jad Hadid tells Bigg Boss that he is done with such stupid people and that he needs to be going out. Avinash tries to calm down Bebika, but to no effect. Seeing all this, Jiya tries to calm her down. But this calming down eventually leads to a verbal altercation between Jiya and Bebika.

Abhishek tells that, with so much of negativity while making food, no one would be interested in eating such food. Pooja Bhatt tells Abhishek that Jiya should not be using so much of ‘F’ word and also cuss words. Falaq tells Jiya to be calm with Bebika if she wants to get her works done from her.

Avinash tells Falaq not to hold any anger against Jad Hadid. Post that, Falaq goes to Jad and enquires about his health. She says that, she understands that he is frustrated to the core, but he needs to have control over his own words.

Then, Bigg Boss summons everyone in the living room and tells everyone to press the buzzer and give their complaint against the house captain Jiya Sharma. Thereafter starts jury’s decision for various allegations against Jiya Sharma. Abhishek wants peace between Manisha Kumari and Jad Hadid. To which, the two readily agrees.

Thereafter starts a task between the house contestants.

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