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Bigg Boss OTT live feed: Indian Matchmaking fame Sima Taparia enters the house

Sima Taparia, who became the face of Indian Matcahmaking, came on Bigg Boss OTT as a relationship counsellor to the contestants.

  • Shaheen Irani

  • OTTplay

Last Updated: 02.15 PM, Aug 10, 2021

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Sima Taparia on Bigg Boss OTT.

Sima Taparia, more popularly known as Sima aunty, has entered the Bigg Boss OTT house. The Bigg Boss contestants were in for the surprise which they barely expected. Bigg Boss introduced her as someone who understands connections closely.

The contestants guessed that Shehnaaz Gill from Bigg Boss 13 was coming into the house. Shamita Shetty had a confused response and asked people about her, who informed her about Indian Matchmaking. Pratik Sahejpal was the first to wave his hand towards her. The blinds of the house opened up and there, Zeeshan Khan, Shamita Shetty and Ridhima Pandit saw and greeted her.

Sima aunty had her own setup and consulted Urfi Javed and Zeeshan together. Urfi asked Sima aunty to stay in the house for two days to be able to answer 'how are you?' She then told Zeeshan that they 'don't talk anymore like they used to'.

The two eventually told each other that they will push the other towards the finals. Sima aunty was visibly impressed with that attitude. She pointed out how they were not using their connections in the house. Urfi blamed Zeeshan for the same.

He stated that Urfi loved staying in her cocoon, adding that he had called her to play with everyone but the latter fell asleep.

Soon enough, Zeeshan pointed out how monkeys had come on the terrace. Sima aunty suggested Urfi mix up with people. She talked about their different groups and said she knows he wouldn't give her the shoulder. Sima aunty then agreed and asked Zeeshan to support her.

Urfi pointed out how she felt like leaving the show already and Sima aunty said that it was only natural to feel that way. Zeeshan told Urfi to talk to him and communicate well. Meanwhile, the monkeys had distracted their interaction.

Sima aunty suggested Urfi talk to Zeeshan and asked him to support her (when Bigg Boss asks Zeeshan and Urfi to come back to the house). Sima aunty was stuck outside since Bigg Boss didn't open the doors for her too.

This caused chaos inside the house. The contestants are locked up in the house while they wait for her to leave safely. Karan Nath and Divya Agarwal were especially concerned about Sima aunty as the monkeys started throwing flower pots. Zeeshan had asked her to come inside, but Sima aunty cannot enter the house because she has not undergone quarantine. The blinds go down again and it is still not revealed where Sima aunty is or what happened to her.

She comes back and Zeeshan and Urfi realize, thanks to Sima aunty, that it is because of their group and the limited time they have spent together inside the house that their relationship is affected. Sima aunty tests them. Before leaving, Zeeshan tells her that he had a lot of fun.

Nishant Bhat is paired with Muskaan Jattana next. She tells them that more than their bonding, they are bonding with the crowd. She asks them to connect with one another better.

Karan Nath and Ridhima Pandit are the next to be called in the garden area. She asked them also to connect with each other. Ridhima also is concerned that he is more connected to the vessels than her.

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