Bigg Boss OTT September 16 2021 written update: Neha Bhasin evicted, Raqesh Bapat in bottom 2
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Bigg Boss OTT September 16 2021 written update: Neha Bhasin evicted, Raqesh Bapat in bottom 2

Pratik Sehajpal already misses Neha Bhasin when she was just evicted from the house!

Shaheen Irani
Sep 16, 2021
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Raqesh Bapat and Neha Bhasin on Bigg Boss OTT.

Day 39 in the Bigg Boss OTT house began with the contestants grooving to De Dhana Dhan song Rishte Naate. Pratik Sehajpal talks to Nishant Bhat about how the choreographer started fighting with Neha Bhasin.

Nishant turns into 'Kutti the robot' in front of Divya Agarwal. They make fun of Raqesh Bapat, Shamita Shetty and Neha.

Divya announces a new task, in which the contestants have to convince others why they deserve to stay in the house. Nishant goes first and he calls Shamita. The choreographer says that he has shown his personality on the show, which is new for Bigg Boss. He says Shamita is in her comfort zone. She defends it stating she has played the game with honesty.

Pratik confronts Nishant about the lust topic. Divya comes and explains the situation. Meanwhile, Neha asks Shamita why she should maintain the friendship with Nishant. The singer ends up crying and Pratik consoles her.

Divya goes next for the debate and picks Shamita again. The latter is not happy about that. Divya calls herself unbiased and recalls how Shamita has picked on her relationship with Varun Sood. When Raqesh refuses to pick someone between Divya and Shamita, he refuses to do so. Nishant gives a vote on the actor's behalf while Shamita tells the actor that she is doing all of this for him. Shamita removes Nishant's vote. Pratik refutes Raqesh's decision saying he will take back his vote also.

Nishant and Neha end up arguing all over again. The choreographer calls her 'fattu'. Meanwhile, Shamita tells Raqesh that she will never allow Divya in her life.

Neha is up for a debate next. She chooses Divya as her opponent. The singer calls her a 'unique proposition'. Divya and Neha end up fighting with one another. Nishant, impressed with her, asks Divya 'yeh power kahan tha didi'.

Raqesh and Shamita were seen chilling when the buzzer went off. The task ends since Raqesh refused to give his vote to anyone. When Nishant picks on him, Shamita calms Raqesh down. The actor however keeps on getting hyper on both Neha as well as Nishant.

Neha, sitting alone, talks about the situation. She asks for privacy from 'some things' while talking about the underwear situation.

As the elimination is announced, Raqesh, Divya, Shamita and Nishant give each other a hug. The choreographer also goes and apologizes to Neha and everyone in advance.

Bigg Boss announces that one contestant will be evicted. He announces the four finalists in the order of Divya, Nishant, Shamita and Pratik. Raqesh and Neha come in the bottom two. Shamita and Pratik end up crying.

Neha and Raqesh walk through different doors. Within a few seconds, the actor comes back. Every contestant is emotional not only for Neha leaving but also for them going into the finals. Divya bonds with Pratik after they both become finalists.

Bigg Boss announces the report card. The viewers are happy with the performances of the contestants. Shamita and Nishant hug out their differences.

Nishant mimics every finalist and how they will react if they have to go through the whole journey again. Pratik, on the other hand, tells Nishant that he misses Neha already. Nishant also says that he misses Moose. The episode ends there.

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