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Bigg Boss OTT September 2 2021 written update: Nia enters as wild card, Shamita-Raqesh kiss and makeup

Nia Sharma was announced the boss lady of the house soon after she entered it.

Shaheen Irani
Sep 02, 2021
cover image

Nia Sharma on Bigg Boss OTT.

The Bigg Boss OTT contestants wake up to the song Paisa. We soon get to see how Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Bapat have made up after their major fight on day 24. Shamita finally wishes Raqesh a happy birthday.

Neha Bhasin and Pratik Sehajpal are laughing with each other, when Divya Agarwal asks them about the task. Neha complains about Akshara Singh not cleaning. Pratik and Akshara end up fighting when he asks Muskaan Jattana to start cleaning with the Bhojpuri actress. Finally, Millind Gaba agrees to clean the lawn. Akshara taunts Pratik and Neha again.

Nishant Bhat then sarcastically tells Neha that she has come between two friends - him and Pratik. He then compares Divya and Neha to crackers.

Nia Sharma enters the house grooving in a shimmery outfit. She meets everyone in the house and ends up calling Pratik 'handsome boy'. She then wishes Raqesh a happy birthday with the housemates.

Bigg Boss announces Nia as the Boss Lady. Thus Pratik, Neha's tenure as captain comes to an end. Nia has the control to play, pause, fast-forward and rewind.

The housemates discuss Nia being open to turning Divya's connection. When Pratik asks Neha, she brings her face too close to his. Pratik wanted to take it a step forward and ended up saying he wanted to give her a hug but let it go. She ends up biting his arm.

Nia comes and says that nobody has brought anything new to the show. She talks to Nishant, Divya and Akshara about Pratik-Neha's connection being fake. Neha scares and taunts Pratik for treating Nia well. Nia tells Raqesh that he is lost. She talks about how Shamita is playing her game but he is in a cocoon. Divya says she has told him the same thing since day one.

Moose asks Nia what she thinks about her. The actress calls her a solid personality but says that she has become Nishant's piggyback.

Pratik goes next and Nia tells him that Neha is completely different and slowly tells him that she is overpowering him. She says that he and Divya are well-prepared for the show.

Pratik, Neha and Akshara end up fighting yet again. Pratik starts hitting himself and Millind stops him. Neha also comes in the middle.

The next task is Nia ka Raj. The connections have to win her over. Nishant, Moose and Divya and of course, Nia, do not have to perform the task.

Nishant guides Akshara and Millind on how to go forward with the task. Pratik and Neha go first. Nia asks Neha to give Pratik an oil massage. The singer seductively applies oil on his chest and abs.

Shamita gets ready to give Nia a tattoo with her makeup. Raqesh talks about his journey on the show. He opens up about being dyslexic.

Millind and Akshara go next. They begin drama like a poor couple living in a village. Millind teases Shamita saying her lipstick is also 'gluten-free'. He also ends up calling the actress 'Shamita bhabhi' and goes back on his word, calling her 'Shamita didi'. His next target is Pratik and his dressing sense. Obviously, he picks on Neha next. Millind compares the singer to scissors.

Nishant and Moose sit holding hands. The influencer says she didn't like his statement to Neha.

The Jag Ghoomeya singer performs for Nia next. Neha says Raqesh changes his bed every night and only has chai for himself. Her next target is Shamita. She screams Raqesh's name. Divya is next, followed by Moose. Raqesh gives Nia a tattoo next.

Nia announces that the connections have to protect their coins. Raqesh swirls Shamita from air to the ground.

Bigg Boss announces the report card and the viewers are happy with the performance. Raqesh also gets a surprise cake from Bigg Boss. The actor romances Nia. Pratik and Neha plot to steal coins from others while everyone is distracted. Millind croons a song for Nia. Pratik comes and gives Nia a tight hug, which is when Raqesh manages to steal from Pratik and Neha. Millind croons another song.

Pratik steals back from Shamita and Raqesh. Raqesh fights, followed by Shamita and Millind. Neha initiates going into the pool and Millind follows. The task continues and Pratik gets hurt again-and-again.

While Pratik continues dancing sensually with Nia, Millind announces he is writing a love letter for Nia. As he starts writing with a foam, Shamita and Neha destroy it. The singer covers Pratik's nipples with foam and makes a face on his body.

Raqesh and Shamita get to flirting again. Later at night, they get into a fight over Divya. The actor tries to make her understand in Neha's company. Their fight turns into a laughter riot.

Meanwhile, Akshara and Millind get into a fight. He discusses the topic with Divya hearing them out.

Pratik, like a thief, finds a way to hide his earnings for a while. He places them in his luggage bag. That is when the show ends.

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