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Bojaraj MBBS on Dollywood Play and OTTplay Premium is a rom-com with a twist

This weekend, watch the Tulu film dubbed in Hindi, which stars Bojaraj Vamanjur, Devdas Kapikad, Navya Poojary, and Sheetal Nayak

Bojaraj MBBS on Dollywood Play and OTTplay Premium is a rom-com with a twist
A poster for Bojaraj MBBS

Last Updated: 04.29 PM, Jul 21, 2023


Tulu cinema has been steadily gaining popularity for its unique storytelling and regional flavour, and one movie that stands out in this regard is 'Bojaraj MBBS.' Released in 2022, this film directed by Ismail Moodushadde offers a delightful blend of comedy, romance, and unexpected twists that will leave audiences thoroughly entertained.

The star cast is led by Bojaraj Vamanjur, Devdas Kapikad, Navya Poojary, and Sheetal Nayak. We list compelling reasons to watch this Tulu film.

At the heart of 'Bojaraj MBBS' lies a love story that tugs at the heartstrings. Bojaraj, played by Bojaraj Vamanjur, is an ordinary man deeply in love with the woman of his dreams. However, she is destined to marry a wealthy film producer, leaving Bojaraj heartbroken.

Determined to win her love and support her acting aspirations, he takes a loan and escapes to a different city. In a hilarious turn of events, he reinvents himself as a fake doctor, setting the stage for a rollercoaster ride of laughter and emotions.

The film takes an unexpected twist when Bojaraj encounters a mentally challenged patient, portrayed by Navya Poojary. Their endearing and unlikely friendship forms the emotional core of the story, exploring themes of compassion and humanity. Bojaraj's interactions with her add depth and sensitivity to the narrative, turning this comedy into a touching tale of empathy and understanding.

One of the highlights of 'Bojaraj MBBS' is the seamless blend of humour and heartwarming moments. Devdas Kapikad and Aravind Bolar, both acclaimed actors in the Tulu film industry, bring their comedic prowess to the screen, ensuring the movie is filled with rib-tickling moments that will leave the audience in splits. The witty dialogue and situational comedy make for an enjoyable and entertaining cinematic experience.

Moreover, the film's portrayal of coastal Karnataka's culture and picturesque landscapes adds an authentic and visually pleasing element to the narrative. The colourful depiction of local traditions, along with the soulful Tulu music, adds a touch of regional charm that resonates with the audience.

Bojaraj MBBS, dubbed in Hindi, is available to stream on Dollywood Play and OTTplay Premium.

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