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What is the reason behind Joe Jonas-Sophie Turner's marriage falling apart?

Since Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner filed for divorce, multiple reports have wondered why the duo parted ways. Here’s what the latest report claims.

What is the reason behind Joe Jonas-Sophie Turner's marriage falling apart?

What is the reason behind Joe Jonas-Sophie Turner's marriage falling apart? (Image source: Instagram/ Joe Jonas/ Sophie Turner)

Last Updated: 07.38 PM, Oct 02, 2023


It is often said that for healthy relationships to exist, proper communication is a necessity. However, this fact is easier said than done. Recently, popular Hollywood actress Sophie Turner and American singing sensation Joe Jonas filed for divorce after four years of their marriage. This development sent shockwaves in the entertainment industry.

What’s the latest news?

While it is not yet known why the adorable duo decided to part ways, a recent report published by news outlet Daily Mail believes that Priyanka Chopra is the reason why the couple opted for the decision.

Reportedly, the Jonas family frequently drew comparisons between Sophie and Priyanka, placing considerable expectations on Sophie. A confidant of Sophie, speaking to the 'Daily Mail,' shared that the Jonas family perceived Nick Jonas and Priyanka's celebrity relationship as more stable, despite the age difference, and desired a similar dynamic for Joe. This alleged parallel seemingly intensified the pressure on Sophie.

“His brother’s wife is a lot older and more mature, and the family compares Sophie to Priyanka, which has put her (Sophie) under a lot of stress. Nick is younger than Joe but is more settled. He and Priyanka are on the same page about their careers and family life. Joe and his family want him to be in a relationship like this, but Sophie feels that she’s only 27 and hasn’t even really lived because she’s spent all her good, young years working,” the confidant claimed.

“It wasn’t an issue at first but the age gap between Sophie and Joe has become a real problem. They want very different things,” the confidant added.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ relationship timeline

Actress Sophie Turner and American singer Joe Jonas initiated their relationship in 2016, leading to an engagement in October 2017 and a wedding ceremony on May 1, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The couple welcomed two daughters in July 2020 and July 2022.

However, their story took a turn in early September 2023 when Jonas filed for divorce in Miami, Florida. Both Turner and Jonas publicly acknowledged the mutual decision on Instagram. Later in the same month, Turner took legal action, suing her ex-husband to permit their daughters, born in the United States, to return to England.

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