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Don’t Mess With Him: Full video of the last Kranti song is out now

If you liked the songs, but don’t want to look for them in the film that is on OTT, they are all available on DBeats Music World’s official YT channel

Don’t Mess With Him: Full video of the last Kranti song is out now
Darshan in a still from the film
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Last Updated: 09.33 AM, Apr 22, 2023

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During the promotions of Challenging Star Darshan’s Kranti, the team, led by producer Shylaja Nag of Media House Studio, had launched all the songs, albeit as lyrical video versions. One song, Bombe Bombe, even had completely different visuals from what was eventually seen in the film. Released as a Republic Day presentation, Kranti did not have a great reception at the box office. Darshan’s nay-sayers celebrated the ‘green’ status of theatres on ticket aggregator sites, indicating that footfalls were abysmally low for the V Harikrishna directorial.

Nevertheless, despite all the negative feedback and supposedly low collections, the team celebrated the film’s success with a cake that bore the number 109, as if to indicate that it had made Rs 109 in revenue after all. This, say, industry pandits, would be possible only by adding up all non-theatrical and theatrical revenue. Some argued that the maths didn’t tally, but that is a discussion for another day.


Eventually, Kranti, which had been sold to Amazon Prime Video, made its way to the streamer within the 30-day mark. Weeks after the OTT debut, the team has been releasing full video versions of the songs one after the other over the last few weeks, starting with the special number Pushpavati, followed by Dharani, Bombe Bombe and now, Don’t Mess With Him. Written by lyricist-filmmaker Chetan Kumar, Don’t Mess With Him was team Kranti’s way of addressing all the negativity that was surrounding Darshan at the time, owing to the media ban, and the clash between his fans and those of the late Puneeth Rajkumar.

Meanwhile, Darshan has moved on and has been busy working on his next with director Tharun Sudhir, called Kaatera. The film, produced by Rockline Venkatesh, introduces veteran actress Malashree’s daughter, Radhana Ram, as leading lady.