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EastEnders: Sam Mitchell set for a dramatic return on the show next week

EastEnders have revealed the dramatic return of Sam Mitchell on show, in the upcoming days. The first look of the iconic character is here now, with her re-entry episode streaming Nov. 2 onwards. 

EastEnders: Sam Mitchell set for a dramatic return on the show next week
Actress Kim Medcalf returns as Sam Mitchell on EastEnders

Last Updated: 02.05 AM, Nov 13, 2023


Actress Kim Medcalf is slated to make an EastEnders return onscreen, November 21 onwards. The last anyone had seen of her had been her departure from Albert Square in April, to take a job in a Spanish hotel. In order to help out with the money situation, especially since her son Rick Jr is a father now, thanks to newborn grand-daughter Charli.

During her final scenes anticipating departure, Sam left for Spain to run a hotel business with ex Don. However, fans were disappointed, as was Sam’s son, who had bonded with her in the final scenes and had not been very pleased with his mother’s absence. But the two had indeed shared a heartfelt goodbye as Sam’s taxi awaited her airport departure.

Executive producer of the show, Chris Clenshaw, previously spoke to Digital Spy, in an October 2023 interview, “In typical Sam Mitchell fashion, she finds herself in a troublesome place and has to ask big brother Phil to help her out of a sticky situation. Lots has happened since she’s been away- obviously she’s got a grandchild, Charli.”

However, the show’s EP also clarified that Ricky Jr is not that delighted to see his mother again, however, Sam’s whimsical character doesn’t create unwanted chaos, “she’s very much a character that can kind of turn up at the Mitchells at any time, cause mayhem and leave them to sort out her mess every time. There’s a lot of fun with Sam.”

Kim Medcalf’s return to the show is hilarious, showing her being dropped off by goons from a van, in front of her brother Phil, As usual, he is the one lending her a kind hand and picking up after her. But what else does Sam cause on the show is yet to be seen and surmised.

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