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Enrique Iglesias offers rare glimpse into family life with Anna Kournikova and kids

Singing sensation Enrique Iglesias allowed a rare partial, view into his blissful home, which he shares with his partner ex-Tennis pro Anna Kournikova and children Lucy, Nicholas, and Mary. 

Enrique Iglesias offers rare glimpse into family life with Anna Kournikova and kids

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova with their children

Last Updated: 04.55 AM, Oct 27, 2023


Always tight-lipped and guarded about their personal life, Enrique Iglesias recently shared rare details about family life with former Tennis pro Anna Kournikova. In an interview with People magazine on October 25, Iglesias talks about his past and present experiences with his family, beginning with their relationship’s birth- the set of 2001’s hit music video Escape.

Though their steamy chemistry while shooting Escape might have set off sparks, the bonfire of passion tempered into a steady hearth only with the passage of time and their dedication towards the relationship. Beginning in 2001, their relationship traveled two decades, through ups and downs, but only emerged stronger.

He also discussed the bedrock of their relationship, “When we met– although she came from the sports world– in a way, we kind of got each other. She knew what my world was like. I kind of knew what her world was like. So that understanding helped a lot. We just started connecting little by little and got stronger and stronger and stronger.”

Currently blessed with 3 children, twins Lucy and Nicholas, and baby Mary, Enrique recalls with fatherly adoration how happy he is every time he is around them, “When I pick them up from school and they’re having a bad day or one of them is crying or they’re fighting, we say, ‘Guys, what’s your favorite song?’ And then one breaks out into I Like It, and then they all start singing it, it’s so cute.” 

No wonder the song is his kids’ favorite, good musical taste is in their genes. Currently, when he is not touring or performing, Iglesias loves to spend time with his children and partner, and savors every moment of it.

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