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Exclusive: Kaavya Sha: Positive thinking has changed me physically and mentally

The Kannada and Tamil actor, anchor, and life and health coach is living her best life

Exclusive: Kaavya Sha: Positive thinking has changed me physically and mentally

Kaavya Sha

  • Dhwani Desai

Last Updated: 08.00 AM, Feb 18, 2023

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Kannada and Tamil actress Kaavya Sha is going through the best phase of her life. She married the love of her life, producer Varun Gowda, last year and is living in married bliss. She is also in the best physical and mental state, and she credits her happy state of being to surrounding herself with her positive community. 

Kaavya has gone through a physical transformation after changing her workout routine and focusing on her fitness, She recently had a photo shoot to show off her new look. OTTplay caught up with the actor and TV host, who is now also a certified international health and life coach, to find out the reason behind her transformation. 

What is the reason behind your new look?
Well, I have been working on my fitness and have transformed my body with a new workout regime. So, I wanted to celebrate my new look with a photo shoot. There’s no other reason for it, really.

You post a lot of stories about eating healthy and even give some lifestyle tips. Where has this interest come from?
I am an international health and life coach, for which I have a certification. People these days lack general nutrition; we don’t get nourished through the food that we eat. Our lifestyle has gone for a toss as we are becoming busier. So, that is why I promote good lifestyles and healthy eating.

Where did this interest stem from?
Since childhood, I have been interested in home sciences. These days, a lot of women have hormonal imbalances, and men suffer from stress and anxiety. All of this can be rectified through food and lifestyle changes. We can, in fact, lead medicine-free lives just through this, and lose or gain weight. I wanted to educate people about this, and being an actress, I can use my fame to spread this message. This is my way of doing something for society.

So, how did you lose weight?
I have been watching my calorie intake; I consume 1,500–1,800 calories a day and exercise. The most important thing is positive thinking, because of which I feel better mentally and physically. 

There’s a lot written and spoken about positive thinking. But how does one make it second nature?
Everyone should surround themselves with a positive community. If you are constantly around people who nag you, bully you, or don’t appreciate what you do, then you will feel low. Thinking about the future and having a lot of competition around can induce anxiety. So, it is important to surround yourself with a positive community. I am part of such a community; we motivate and appreciate each other. 

You said that you are a life coach as well…
Yes, and I feel that each and every person needs a life coach. I also have a life coach, and I coach a lot of people. It is difficult to manage work and have a healthy lifestyle, so a life coach helps you tackle problems, build confidence, and generally help you lead a good life.

How do you manage to find time for all the different things that you do?
Each day, I set aside some time for coaching, my PR, anchoring, and other collaborations, including films. I manage all the different parts of my life, without any breaks. Of course, I take a break when I feel exhausted, but that is rare since I enjoy everything that I do. So, I don’t feel drained. 

How’s married life treating you?
Life is amazing, and married life is beautiful. Sharing is caring, and there is nothing better than sharing your life with your partner. Varun and I are more in love now. Earlier, we didn’t understand each other as well as we do now because we didn’t live together. But now, we are each other’s best friends.

What’s next on the film front?
I have two Tamil films being made by big banners, the shooting for which is scheduled to begin in the first week of March in Chennai. Apart from that, I am awaiting the release of the Kannada film Lagaam, in which I share screen space with Upendra and Hariprriya.