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Exclusive! Kannada actress Priyanka Thimmesh opens up on why she has moved to Chennai

The actress has found a happy space in Tamil cinema, with good projects and a dedicated team to help her find such work

Exclusive! Kannada actress Priyanka Thimmesh opens up on why she has moved to Chennai
Priyanka Thimmesh
  • Prathibha Joy

Last Updated: 01.21 PM, May 06, 2023

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It’s taken Kannada actress Priyanka Thimmesh the experiences and life lessons of the last decade in showbiz to realize that the path to happiness and satisfaction in her career is in following those who value her as an artiste. This is why, Priyanka, who was last seen here in Sugarless, has moved lock, stock and barrel to Chennai, where, she has not only found a lot more work worth her time and effort, but also a dedicated set of people helping her get to that goal.


“I was very young when I got into showbiz and had no one to guide me about the kind of work to do or not. It is only now, 10-12 years later, that I have realized that there is a different world out there, where work is routed through proper channels, payments are made on time and your time and effort is appreciated. The realization would not have happened if it were not for a music video that I did in Tamil more recently. I started getting offers in Tamil cinema after the song came out, as filmmakers were appreciative of my performance in it. The problem, I noticed is that in Kannada cinema, there is no concept of having a dedicated PR person who will handle your film affairs. Even having a manager, who filters the first few rounds of conversations with teams is a rarity. But that’s not the case here, where you find people who prioritize you and your work. They will scout for work that befits me and negotiate the deals, and all they ask of me is that I take care of myself, whether it is my workouts, or beauty regimens, etc., and then do my best in front of the camera,” she says.

With work picking up in Chennai, which, unfortunately she is contractually-bound not to reveal at this point, Priyanka has moved to the city to further her career. “I have a certain goal in mind about my career and I am going to try my best to achieve it. If I don’t get to it, at least I will have the satisfaction that I tried. I know that in another 3-4 years I will probably get married and settle down. If my work does pick up that plan may be pushed ahead by a few years. In the meantime, though, I am not desperate to sign up for anything and everything coming my way. I am making some calculated moves, which includes not doing supporting roles or certain types of commercials even. Hopefully, it will all work out the way I want and there will come a day when filmmakers come to me with roles worth my talent,” she adds.

As for the question as to whether she has ‘abandoned’ Kannada cinema, she says, “How can it be abandoning if I am not getting work there? Give me good work and I will be back in the blink of an eye,” she signs off.