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Exclusive! Lakadbaggha's Anshuman Jha: Brutality on stray dogs and cats should be stopped

The actor and producer highlights the importance of sensible parenting to stop animal brutality

Exclusive! Lakadbaggha's Anshuman Jha: Brutality on stray dogs and cats should be stopped
Anshuman Jha
  • Arundhuti Banerjee

Last Updated: 03.07 PM, Jan 14, 2023

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Being an animal lover and dog father, Lakadbaggha actor and producer Anshuman Jha opened up to OTTplay recently about why it is important to be sensitive towards stray animals and how that begins with sensible parenting.

Anshuman plays Arjun Bakshi, who is the protagonist of Lakadbaggha -- a film that revolves around an animal vigilante.

Anshuman told OTTplay, "During the promotional activities of the film, we partnered with some NGOs who provide shelters for stray animals -- mainly dogs and cats who are homeless or injured. They foster them and help get them adopted. I saw a stray dog who had half his face burnt off. It was quite graphic. When I asked how it happened, I was told that someone wrapped firecrackers around his face and lit it on fire. Now, someone please tell me, how can you be kind to people who torture dogs like this for their entertainment?"

He went on to add, "It is easy to upload cute pictures of dogs on social media, but unless we stop the brutality on animals, we are continuing to endanger ourselves. It has to start with parenting. At times, people randomly throw stones on dogs and cats, just to watch them run away. Why? If a dog is not bothering you, why would you bother it? I do not understand how cuddling your pet dog, and throwing stones and burning them with firecrackers is accepted."

Lakadbaggha is directed by Victor Banerjee and the action sequences have been choregraphed by international stunt artiste Tsahi Shemesh, who was a trainer on Hollywood movies like The Avengers, Falcon and The Winter Soldier. 

The film also stars Milind Soman, Paresh Pahuja, Bijou Thaangjam, Adrita De, Trushant Ingle and Harshit Dang. It is currently in theatres.