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EXCLUSIVE: My girlfriend says that she goes weak on the knees when she sees me with my moustache, says Eijaz Khan

The actor was in an exclusive conversation with OTTplay 

EXCLUSIVE: My girlfriend says that she goes weak on the knees when she sees me with my moustache, says Eijaz Khan
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  • Satish Sundaresan

Last Updated: 05.34 PM, Jun 07, 2023


Eijaz Khan, how are you feeling right now?
I am feeling like I am going to melt. It’s that hot right now.

Your profile says ‘Eat. Sleep. Act. Exercise. Repeat. kinda life’. This time round, it should be rewritten as ‘REST. Eat. Sleep. Act. Exercise. Repeat. REST. kinda life’.
That’s cool. But, why ‘REST’? Any specific reason for which you want me to include that?

Well… rest because… you broke your two meta tassels in your right foot? Right?
(A bit stunned and shocked) Oh Man! That’s so true. I broke two meta tassels in my right foot. I had two rods inside. I shot for the full season. You will see me limping in the first season. Towards the end, everything was good., and I started playing football! And because of my injury, my feet had become very stiff. My left ankle got 96 percent ruptured! But, God’s grace, all is ok now. But physiotherapy is going on. Rest is the last thing that I want to do. I am not an indoor person at all! It's terrible for someone like me to stay indoors.

And rather than taking rest, you actually wore two shoes of different sizes and shot for the show 'City Of Dreams'?
Oh Yes! How did you get to know about that! There was a scene where I had worn a shoe of size 8 on my right leg and on my left leg, I had worn a shoe of size 10! It was that swollen… Nagesh (Kukunoor) sir, in short said, “The show must go on”. And that’s how I carried on with the shoot.

What were the other challenges that you faced during the shoot?
Let me put it this way. I was not alone doing the shoot. There were 20 people to take care of each and every single thing… even the minutest of the thing also. I had to wake up every day and go for physiotherapy, learn to walk and also tell myself ... that I can do it! And... I did it! Despite all this, I am amongst the top five percent of the world who is totally fit!

In a nutshell, what’s your role in the series?
Finally, Wasim Khan is comfortable in his skin. He has chosen the path which he has meant for and he is one of the strongest catalysts in Poornima Gaikwad’s life.

Were you inspired by someone or you had your own imagination / approach for your role?
I was trying to figure out whether I should bring in my own element or should I look upto someone for this role, But then, it’s a fictional story. All of these didn’t really matter. Nagesh Sir has explained it very well and had even written it extremely well.

How has it been working under the guidance of Nagesh Kukunoor, the man who made the cult ‘Hyderabad Blues’!
I was born in Hyderabad... and I simply loved the way Nagesh explains every scene. He is the kind of director who can dissect every scene... if he wants to. I could come back home every day with a smile on my face. He is one director who can extract the best out of you because he understands human psychology.

Whose idea was it to grow a moustache?
I had kept the moustache for a project. And I got stuck into continuity… The amount of police inspectors who I had met … the majority of them had moustaches. Clean shaven look was more into the chocolate guy look. And when I met up with the police inspectors, I observed them a lot for their mannerisms and their behaviour and I tried to incorporate them in my role.

Any compliments for that?
My girlfriend says that she goes weak on the knees when she sees me with my moustache.

A little birdie said that you snore a lot. Any apprehensions about that while participating in Bigg Boss?
(Laughs heartily). Of course, man! That is one of the reasons why I used to sleep outside.

In 2013, Eijaz Khan made his theatre debut with a play called The Seduction. Do you love plays?
I simply love them!