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Films like Sri Raghavendrar and Baba gave me soul satisfaction: Superstar Rajinikanth

Superstar Rajinikanth took part in a book launch recently, which was organised by Kriya Yoga in Chennai.

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Last Updated: 07.05 PM, Jul 31, 2022

Films like Sri Raghavendrar and Baba gave me soul satisfaction: Superstar Rajinikanth
Rajinikanth at the event/Twitter

Speaking at a book launch organised by Kriya Yoga in Chennai, Superstar Rajinikanth, said that films like Sri Raghavendrar and Baba provided him with "soul satisfaction."

Rajinikanth began his speech with "Om Guruvey Saranam," after sitting in a meditative posture on stage when Swami Suddhananda Giri, senior sanyasi of Yogada Satsangha Society of India (YSSI), earlier appealed to the audience to meditate for a few minutes.

He said he didn't expect a large turnout for the YSSI-sponsored event, which included an inspirational talk and guided meditation in Tamil on "a happy and successful life through Kriya yoga."

In a lighter vein, Superstar referred to Swamy Giri's reference to him during his speech, and remarked, "we are all actors and a great actor is in our midst, Swamy Giri said pointing at me. I don't know if it is praise or admonition!" Discussing the subjects close to his heart, Rajinikanth stated that, despite having done numerous films, the ones that gave him "soul satisfaction" were Sri Raghavendrar and Baba. "I don't know how to thank those great souls who made me act in those films!"

Following the release of these films, many people became aware of Sri Raghavendrar (1985) and Baba (2002). After seeing the film Baba, many people joined Yoga, and some even travelled to the Himalayas to visit the Aniket cave, which was later closed. "And two of my fans have become Yogada sanyasis while I stand before you as an actor," Rajinikanth continued.

Further, he said, "I've seen money, fame, and even been associated with major political leaders, industrialists, and celebrities. But my happiness and peace of mind are less than 10% because they are fleeting. Everything is Maya (illusion). Our bodies, like money and fame, are transient."

Sri Raghavendrar (available on Amazon Prime Video), directed by SP Muthuraman, was the 100th film of Rajinikanth. Based on the life of the Hindu saint, the soundtrack of the film was composed by Ilaiyaraaja, and the lyrics were written by Vaali.

On the other hand, Baba (available on Netflix, Hotstar, Voot and Jio Cinema), directed by Suresh Krissna, is about a young atheist who discovers spirituality and "detoxifies" himself to realise the truth about the world. The film was produced by the actor himself, under the banner LOTUS International. Notably, Rajinikanth was credited for its screenplay.

The Superstar said spirituality gives him a lot of power. "I follow some gurus. Swami Raghavendra taught me devotion, and Ramana Maharishi inspired me to explore my inner self. I seek spirituality and derive energy from it. That's what made me what I am today," he signed off.

On the professional front, Rajinikanth's next is directed by Nelson Dilipkumar of Beast-fame, titled Jailer.