From Gina and Jake to David and Steve: 10 beautiful platonic friendships on screen
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From Gina and Jake to David and Steve: 10 beautiful platonic friendships on screen

We are sharing our favourite platonic relationships on screen which would have been ruined by unnecessary romantic drama

Anukriti Chaturvedi
Aug 01, 2021
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Source: The Lonely Island and Emily Hampshire/ Instagram

On this friendship day, we are looking at our favourite platonic pairings on screen. These friends prove that women and men can remain strictly friends instead of always being grouped romantically when they share a strong bond, transcending even familial ones. These friends have undeniable chemistry and are always there for each other, sharing in their ups and downs and various milestones in life. 

Take a look below at some of our favourite pairings below. 

Gina Linetti and Jake Peralta | Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Netflix

Chelsea Peretti and Andy Samberg have been childhood friends and it shows in their screen chemistry as Gina and Jake respectively. When Jake needs help to keep his grandmother’s flat, Gina steps in to buy it since he can’t afford it. Likewise, Jake gets Gina the job at the 99th precinct. They have their occasional fights but both make up soon, have each other's backs and most importantly, match each other's crazies!

Jake and Rosa’s relationship is also worth mentioning here. The unlikely pairing seeks out each other when things get too hard even though they both don’t talk about the serious stuff generally. Jake deflects issues using humour while Rosa point-blank intimidates people to shut up. Rosa told she was bisexual to Jake for the first time who supported her wholeheartedly. 

The Lonely Island/ Instagram
Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton | The Avengers - Disney+ Hotstar

Black Widow and Hawkeye might have had some chemistry but they have always been friends with their friendship growing over time, with the presence of mutual respect. Natasha feels indebted to Clint as she was saved by him and in return, saves him when he is under Loki’s magic. Their friendship became strained when they were on opposing sides due to Iron Man and Captain America’s feud. 

David Rose and Stevie Budd | Schitt’s Creek - Netflix

What started as a reluctant acquaintance soon turns into the best of friendships between the two. David, with his family, is forced to move to Schitt’s Creek as they are thrown into the throes of poverty. Set in his eccentric ways, Stevie has problems dealing with him. Gradually as they both spend time together they become good friends, helping each other through their ups and downs.

Emily Hampshire/ Instagram
Robin Buckley and Steve Harrington | Stranger Things - Netflix

Robin and Steve have such a sassy banter-filled friendship. On the surface, it might seem they both don’t care for each other as such and will be downright rude to each other at times but when they had to fight the Russians, they banded together, covering each other's backs and leaving no one behind, even if it meant they died. 

Elle Evans and Lee Flynn | The Kissing Booth - Netflix

Elle and Lee are joined at the hips and always in sync. While the first film explored their friendship and Elle's growing attraction with Lee’s older brother, the second film focused more on drawing boundaries between their friendships and relationships with their significant partners and understanding. 

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger | Harry Potter Series - Amazon Prime Video

Some fans might have wanted Harry and Hemione to end up together but most are grateful they didn’t. They both share a beautiful friendship and camaraderie. Hermione calls out Harry wherever he acts dumb and always has his back, even when going on a fatal mission. 

Wizarding World
Penelope Alvarez and Pat Schneider | One Day at a Time - Netflix

This is a friendship where both of the people have each other's back and a bit of learning and unlearning takes place. For Penelope, a Latino single mom, life is not a cakewalk. Schneider, Penelope’s long time neighbour and building manager, learns and unlearns a lot from Penelope’s experiences which gives him a better perspective and keeps his privilege in check. 

Todd Grinnell/ Instagram
Haley James Scott and Lucas Scott| One Tree Hill - Amazon Prime Video

Friends since childhood, Haley and Lucas have had great minds and they confide in each other whenever something is on their chest. Even though Haley ends up marrying Lucas’s long time rival and half brother Nathan, Lucas is always there for Haley and vice versa. 

Bethany Joy Lenz and Chad Michael Murray/ Instagram
Donna Noble and The Doctor | Doctor Who

Donna was the doctor’s most exuberant and sassy companion out of all the past ones. Where Rose and Martha were given a romantic angle with the Doctor, Donna’s story was quite different. She was headstrong and had palpable energy which matched the Doctor's chaotic one. We are still crying over the circumstances of her exit. 

BBC America
Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson | Parks and Recreation - Amazon Prime Video

Ron Swanson with a heart of gold and the social skills of a door. Only Leslie could get through Ron’s icy facade. They had a mentor-mentee relationship which soon turned into something even bigger than friendship. They are both opposites of each other and bring out the best in each other as well. There is not even a speck of sexual tension between the two. 

Parks and Recreation/ Facebook
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